Pass along your idea's for the next A Pale Horse Named Death album.

Hey all,

So you might have noticed that Sal posted on Facebook about writing a new song for APHND a couple weeks back. Now, I am not in the know on any plans, but I can say that Sal is ALWAYS writing, planning for the next album. So knowing that, doesnt it make sense to leave idea's for him, Matt, Johnny, Eric and Eddie?


The purpose of this site has always been to make the band accessible and allow fans the ability to express openly about how they feel about APHND. So with that, I am going to post my wish list for the the band to consider on the next album and I suspect you all will follow along. ;)


1) Get Josh Silver out of retirement to collaborate for one song.

2) I would like to see a dirge, slow trodding song in the vein of Suspended in Dusk that sings to the slow painful conversion into a Zombie. Might be cheesy, but I could see Sal pulling it off. In fact, more sludge songs like Die it.

3) Harmonica ...possibly with Keith Brunner.

4) More guitar solos.


Those are my idea's...what say you?


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