Dear Sal, Matt, Eddie, Johnny, Eric and Dave!

Some people, critics or reviews might simply state that APHND are some sort of follow up to Type O Negative or that APHND are mainly a group consisting of (ex-)members of several other groups (even though great ones). This might be true to some extent, and a comparison to Type O or Alice In Chains is certainly not the worst, but yet far too simple and wouldn't do you guys any justice.

I think it's not completely wrong to maybe utilize an analogy like "Phoenix from the ashes" to describe what APHND's music and style is all about: Don't deny the past, build up on it and create something new.
Something amazing new, if you ask me and I'm glad to have witnessed it from the beginning (more or less).

As far as I'm concerned, Phoenix burnt and rose from the ashes only to shine brighter and more graceful than ever before. That's what happened in this case. Only that Phoenix is a bit on the dark side of grace here. ;-)

In my eyes – mission more than accomplished guys.
WHAT A F****** GEORGEOUS  ALBUM! I take a bow and my hat off to you and I say thanks ever so much for this masterpiece!
I rest my case. ;-)
Yours sincerely,

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