Its Been Awhile, But I Am Back On The Saddle

Hey all my fellow APHND brothers and sisters!

I have been gone for awhile, not posting anything or commenting on anything

because i went back to school after some time and the course i am taking is

really intense and takes up a lot of my time, plus you add that i have a 21 month

son and a wife and work and volunteering.

But i am happy to say that since i have been gone from here i have been constantly

listening to the cd and i am very happy to see the APHND family increasing daily here.

The cd release date is approaching and man once that comes, the flood gates will

burst open and the APHND will be riding strong to glory.


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Comment by Scary Carrie on May 15, 2011 at 7:25pm
Our lil' family is all growed up! [sniffle]

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