Finally ordered the album last night.

I know, I know! It's taken me a while but I finally ordered it last night around midnight.

Apparently Abruscato Enterprises shipped it off today. Thanks a lot, Sal!

I'm going to listen to the entire album, something I haven't done yet.

I've only listened to maybe two songs from the album so far. I didn't feel right listening to the whole thing without having paid for it.

Anyway, it should be here in a week or less. I'm looking forward to it!

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Comment by redrum on December 17, 2010 at 6:22pm

You're welcome, Sal. Looking forward to Headbangers Ball.

Comment by Sal Abruscato on December 17, 2010 at 5:13pm

Thank you Brent


Comment by redrum on December 17, 2010 at 4:02am

To start out with, I want to comment on how (and this is a good thing) consistent the album is.
It has a very distinctive sound because it brings something familiar to the table, like an old friend, and something new.
I am in no way a musician (or articulate) so I'm not good at putting certain sounds in this album in to words. The only way I can get it across is to compare the sounds from different songs to other bands with similar sounds. This having been said, I don't mean to be insulting in any way.
The best way I can put it overall is slow, sludgy, grungy, with a hard rock foundation. Does that work?
Different sounds and elements are mixed in through this album so naturally, as well.
The album starts out with a pale horse and echoing gallops, then Hell follows it.
As Black As My Heart is still one of my favorites on the album.
This song has a certain feel and emotion that words can't do justice. You just have to listen to the track to know what I mean.
Cracks In The Walls is really catchy. The creepy guitar notes in the beginning grab your attention, then the song gets really heavy. But those evil twangy notes continue through the whole song.
It sounds like the intro for a horror movie or maybe... The Walking Dead???
There's a part of this song that really reminds me of Alice in Chains. You'll understand when you hear it.
Bad Dream is yet another favorite of mine. I love the screams of terror and the pouring rain mixed in with the droning guitar and the industrial sounding drum tracks.
This song captures the feeling of night terrors like one of those terrible falling dreams or a nightmare you can't wake up from.
Things speed up with Bathe In My Blood. There's lyrics of this song are all too familiar to me as I'm a very anxious and shifty person with a not-too-happy-go-lucky attitude. I also have these bouts where I talk to myself.. like there really is someone else there listening.
I feel like I can relate to the schizophrenic issues, although I am not a schizo, but many others including myself have many faces and personalities that fight amongst each other. It just makes life all the more confusing and stressful.
Things slow down again with Pill Head. This a songs many people can relate to these days as pill addiction is bigger than ever. Especially around these parts where we refer to oxycontin as "hillbilly heroin".
This song is kind of a kick to the nuts. Once again, I relate to this songs as I have to hide in tiny pills. I'm not and addict, but I have to take xanax every day just to be a normal human being.
I'd much rather smoke some reefer but I can't do that!!! Moving on!!
I feel that Meet The Wolf is a song from a heartless dealers point of view: "Let me come between your thighs... Hey, there riding hood. Won't you sin with the wolf?... Even though just a beginner, turn you into a sinner...".
This song have a very morbid end with the howl of a wolf and a cardiac monitor... and this creepy 8 bit sound.
Things speed right back up with Serial Killer. You don't have to guess that the lyrics are about. Just look at the name. Now I know where the inspiration came from for the shots of Matt and Sal burying a dead school girl in the woods.
This song also reminds you to watch your back and not to trust anyone. Especially Sal Abruscato.
After the burial, you go right into When Crows Descend Upon You, as if the two songs were meant to compliment each other. The guitars in this song remind me of a certain Type O band.
This song seems kind of symbolic for A Pale Horse Named Death
It's only right to give ode to the eaters of the dead.
And Hell Will Follow Me wraps up with Die Alone. Another favorite of mine and possible the most moving song on the entire album.
The guitars are watered down and the lyrics are deep. Sal speaks on some of the most cruel realities in life. It reminds me of points when something terrible happens and you get this knot in your stomach and nothing seems real.
As a younger person, it reminds me that your life is impacted by the compassion for people you love and adore.
Even if things seem to be okay and you're living your own life, there are moments in when your trusted peers stab you in the back, when they become addicts and change as human beings and drift away, when the people you love so much die and merge with the infinite.
The last part (death) is the worst part of life and it's something we'll never get used to.
We should feel happy for these departed loved ones because they're with God and at peace, but we're selfish and we're only human. We miss them because they impacted our lives and became a part of who we are, and when they die, you leave a piece of yourself with them.
We lose a lot of pieces on our way through life but in the end they all come back to us.
Then we're whole again.
So while are departed loved ones are in paradise, we're still in for the long haul.
Let's try to enjoy it together! (that's a bit of a challenge for me!).
Okay! I'm done being all sentimental and preachy.
Much thanks to Sal for being creative and giving me more great music to listen to.

I'll be listening to And Hell Will Follow Me over and over again through the years.

Comment by redrum on December 16, 2010 at 11:22pm

Okay, I just got home and found it in the mailbox. It only took a couple of days to get here.

I love the sleek digipak case. The booklet is autographed. Thanks again, Sal!

The album art is morbid and incredible. It fits the sound.

The main theme is ominous, gray, and swampy. It looks like Louisiana after a bad storm and something terrible is about to happen.

Now it's time to give my full attention to the music. Sure, I'll write a review here, Derek!

Comment by Scary Carrie on December 16, 2010 at 10:11am

It's such a gorgeous presentation. Beats digital downloads by a mile! Only issue I had was waiting, but it arrived within days.

Comment by MoGo on December 14, 2010 at 7:14pm

I need to quit procrastinating and buy the album already.

Comment by Ellie Jayne on December 14, 2010 at 5:12pm

you wont be disappointed :)

Comment by Rebecca S. (Webmaster) on December 14, 2010 at 3:05pm

YAY!!! Its sooooo good and fun to blare in the car!

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