Or: A pale horse unites the world

Here's a little story I'd like to share with you Pale Soldiers.

Remember ”back then“ when APHND was new, we all got excited about the new album, the first tours and the photo contest on the new website?

Yes, sure you do and so do I.

Especially because there was one guy (amongst others) who voted for my photos, made nice comments and after a while he hooked up with me on Facebook. I'm usually not a big fan of linking up on social networks with people I don't know personally, but in this case I thought „Why not? He's a big APHND fan, so he must be ok...“, or a complete psychopath. Realising that he was living in Poland, I was sure about the psychopath but I also thought I could handle and take the risk. ;-)

After a few chats about APHND we got on to other topics and made jokes about typical Polish and German things. Which is a bit unusual in that combination – you definitly got to have people with a good sense of humour on both sides for that. Why? Well, for all of you not being familiar with the German/Polish relations in history – look it up in the books. You don't have to go back far to see that us Germans weren't – let's say 'very nice' towards Poland. So we were probably not the most wanted tourists in the past decades...

But as it seems, times have changed and luckily some attidudes and thoughts as well... So there I suddenly had a new friend in Poland – Maciek.
But there's more to this story. ;-)

After a few weeks of some more chats and more APHND live experiences, I got a note from my Mum, who lives in Australia, stating that she will meet up with my „Polish friend“ in Poland when she's over there on her river cruise through Europe.

What happend was that she read the photo comments and posts Maciek left on my Facebook page. She saw where he lived, contacted him, asked him if he could give her some hints or tips for places to go in Cracow/Poland and so they sent messages back and forth. In the end Maciek offered to be a tour guide for my Mum and her husband David!

I was completely flabbergasted and overwhelmed by Macieks offer and the whole situation.

When I thanked him and told him that I really appreciate that he'll show my Mum and David around, he just replied „We're both big APHND fans, your family and friends are my friends and always welcome.“ Wow. So, in the end, yes, they did meet up.

Germany, Poland and Australia...

So here are some photos with Maciek and my Mum (see photo section).

A toast and salute to APHND! – with original Polish vodka! (that Maciek gave to my Mum to pass it on to me in Amsterdam...) :-D

Rock on guys, see you soon – wherever that may be! :-)


PS: Some of you might recognise Maciek – yes, indeed he was the lucky one who did a very nice and entertaining interview with Sal while APHND was on tour in Poland. Check it out here:

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