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SPV Changes?

Now that the horse is out of the gate, my curiosity is how the second round of album release is going to go. Will it be re-recorded? Great, great news. This is a definitely happy day.

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To those who have passed before me (Sal and Matt here I'm thinking)



I must say making an album is an amazing, strange, painful, joyful, and head-screwing experience. Your dedication and expertise, especially in making an album of such high production quality, is absolutely appreciated here. As I learn this whole process myself, I am astounded at the complexity of sound that I've always taken for granted. If you find pirates, let me know and I will corner them in a dark place and break their legs for them.


Your devoted…


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Just tormented my parents with Type O Negative

I was going through my discs and my stepfather saw that I have three different versions of Bloody Kisses and asked me why the heck would I do that. Well, I said...let me show you. I showed him "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" to soften the blow of having metal unleashed on his brain and took it all the way to the Symphony for the Devil DVD. His favorite was "GF/GF" and "Christian Woman".

My mother, who is 64, watched the whole DVD. Okay, I ffwrded through the ass jokes, but she…

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In Memorandum.

I died last night.

The crows pierced the clouds overhead and the stars fell in and I died. Glistening veins pouring like a river, slinking over time-worn bones and the worms. Breeding, bursting, popping inside like crackling wood. Fires of love and life smoldered to a slow smoky trail of ashes. A blinding light, trailing over fingers, twitching as they curl under for the last time. Cold steel divides the line between flesh and meat, extracting my insides. Questioning the manner in… Continue

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The Dream is Dead

It was the perfect drug for the times. Mesh traded for lace, traded for nylon stockings, and the best part?…


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