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Rock Rage!

Howdy, APHND Friends! We're still running our Tuesday afternoon Rock Rage on CodeBass Radio. Hours upon hours of aggressive, angry tunes to work out your angst. Catch Adam Bertram spinning at 2pm EDT, followed by Adam Tuttle's Breathing Fire at 4pm. Chat with us at @CodeBass and #CodeBassRadio - To see station meta data / now playing info, follow @codebassradio - The more the merrier!  #AngryAdams

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CodeBass Radio Rock Rage Tuesday!

If you dig Slipknot, All That Remains, Demon Hunter, and other such angst driven angry metal.. join us for CodeBass Radio Rock Rage NOW!

Tune in here:

Rock Rage is hosted by the #AngryAdams - Adam Betram is hosting the current set. At 4pm, Adam Tuttle brings us a new episode of #BreathingFire.

Follow @codebass on Twitter or …


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CodeBass Radio Rock Rage Tuesday!

Missing many of you over at CodeBass Radio for Rock Rage Tuesday! Got a Breathing Fire marathon going until at least 5pm. A show filled with angst, anger, and awesome tunes.  Tune in!  @codebass @codebassradio

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CodeBass Radio Rock Rage is Back

Howdy, fellow Sal fans!

I'm finally resurrection Rock Rage Tuesdays. Check us out on Tuesday afternoons! - Afternoon of Angry Adams! CodeBass Radio Tuesday Afternoon Rock Rage is back. Burn some tension. \m/

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Get your Rock Rage ON!

Howdy, Fellow APHND Fans!




Join us to hear some heavy hitting metal tunes from the likes of As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Type O Negative, Danzig and more!


Our community is growing, and we'd love to have you as a part of it.



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Join us for ROCK RAGE!

We're back on the air today with Codebass Radio Rock Rage Tuesday! When there's no regular weekly shows scheduled, our 24/7 rotation is rock, but Tuesdays are special. All day long we break out the angriest stuff we have and vent!


Tune In:

Follow @codebass and send your requests to…


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Codebass Radio Tuesday Rock Rage Now On!!

Nothingface, Celtic Frost, Type O, Avenged, Arch Enemy, Drowning Pool, August Burns Red. All very uplifting!


I'm on the road today, and this is the stuff I've chosen to keep me company. Hope you will join me! :)

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A CodeBass Radio Tribute - RIP Peter Steele

Visit the CodeBass Radio Rock Rage page for details on the Thursday tribute: - The library is all queued up and the tribute will start around 7:30am Eastern. Visit the RockRage page for more info.  To tune in: - To dedicate non Type O tunes to Mr. Steele's memory, send me a message on Facebook or Tweet me @codebass…


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CodeBass Radio Tuesday Rock Rage Now On!!

On now! \m/ - Would love for fellow APHND / Type O fans to hop over and join us!  There will be extra Type O Negative in queue later today, and on Thursday I will do a whole dedicated Type O kinda thing.  



Rock Rage Page:


This is an all-day affair during which several broadcasters take turns playing…


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CodeBass Radio Rock Rage and April 14

You guys may or may not know that I run a li'l online radio station called CodeBass Radio. Apart from some specially themed shows during the day, I play rock 24/7.


Tuesdays are dedicated to the hardest, angriest, most kick ass rock we can scare up. Check it out:


Anyway, a couple of you APHND cats suggested at the #CodeBassRadio hash tag on Twitter that I do…


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My Bloody Valentine

Anyone here keep up with Emilie Autumn? I loved her first album, Enchant.  I haven't been keeping up with the latest stuff, but my husband bought us tickets to see her in DC on Friday.  It used to be basically just Emilie on stage with a Macbook Pro, a violin, and a few other props.  Apparently the act has changed some:


There seems to be a little fire and some uhhh cabaret…


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A little about me...

My favorite bands of all time are Type O Negative, Alice In Chains, Zombie and Queensryche. I am a web application developer for a living, and I also run an online radio station called CodeBass Radio


I play all kinds of music, but I mostly enjoy rock, metal, alt, etc! For example, currently in queue are:  Halestorm, Godsmack, Dead Kennedys, Biohazard, Killswitch, Audioslave, Dragonforce, MIsfits, Nickelback, and…


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