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Dan Nelson and the band Black Gates

I was working last night at this restaurant in Niagara Falls and I went up to this table to greet this couple, I asked them where they were from and they said Long Island, New York and naturally I told them my fav band of all time is from there and the guy asked who, i told them TON, and he said he knew them and also got on the topic of LOA. He introduced himself as Dan Nelson, former singer of Anthrax and he has a new band Black Gates, which sounds really great.

I told him about…


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No Go At 97.7 Htz FM

I called and emailed a request for some APHND and the DJ said that they dont have the cd, which sucks because that is the one station in the area that would and should be playing it. I mean they play Alice In Chains, Metallica and others. Maybe the cd hasnt come to them yet or something like that. Oh and plus they asked if i wanted to hear anything else and i requested some TON, and they said, to early for that. oh well i tried.

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i know that there is a APHND shirt available but in Europe only. i was wondering when north america will be getting theirs because it looks awesome. and if i was to go the route of getting it from europe does anyone know the cost it would take to get to Canada?

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