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Easter has A New Mascot.........

Just wanted to say I hope all who are going to the show tonight have a good time, Sal and the boys have a kick ass show, and to the rest of the Pale Soldiers of Death, Happy easter...

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We will all be thinking of the Greenman today, I am listening to Codebass radio right now and will be playing Type O all day long, no difference than any other day but today is a special one, we honor a great musician and a poet.

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Thought I would throw tis out there...

Today I was at the mall looking for a present for my son, so I decided to get him 2 little frogs, they dnt grow big, so I asked him what e wanted for his birthday and I mentioned that I saw the frogs and he said yes right away, i ten asked him what e was going to name his frogs and  and he said............................Sal & Peter....too cute.

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People as me this shit all the time........

Ok so, Toronto does not have the scene like NY has, not by far. Most of the people I grew up with are into new bands, or other style of music from when we grew up together. Myself I have been a Metalhead from the start. I went out with a few friends from he old neighborhood I grew up in in Toronto, a little place called East York, this was a place where everybody knew everyone and we were all cool with one another. Getting back to the point here, I was asked by a friend while having quite a few… Continue

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Been out of the loop

Well its been a while since I been out here, I was in my last year of law school and I am finally done it was a long 2 years. I am going into entertainment law and I will also practice family, traffic and small claims. Anyhow its good to be back, How is everyone doing out here....?????????

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Nearly 500

Hey whats up well I created the Tye O Negative Army page on FB shortly after Peters Death. we have 480 ppl on there supporting the cause I wanna see 500 there by the time April comes along...If you have not already joined, then doo so Search Type O negative Army on FB Thanks

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Metalhead in the making

As some of you have seen, my new years vid to APHND was pretty funny, Yes I am breeding 5 lil metalheads, so tonight my kids went to bed and my daughter wanted to read one of MY books, so I decided to give her one with alot of pictures and stuff she could look at, what better bedtime book than "SO WHAT"  the good, the bad and the ugly, a biography about Metallica, a book I… Continue

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For the Musicians

OK this one is for all the musicians out here although I dnt think there may be allot. If you could Jam out 2 songs with APHND what would they be, that even goes for singing too I guess. WOuld you hop on the Drums or play guitar with Sal and the boys....

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Pale Soldiers of Death it is.......

This is the name of the Family

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my guitar lesson for the day...

been listening to this band for so long now that after learning most of it on drums, I knew learnin it on guitar would be a lil challenging, Cracks in the walls is the first one I did just now.. sounds awesome...

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OK here is the first vote for APHND Family name..

What do you like Better? "Pale Horse Posse"  OR "Pale Soldiers of Death"  


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The Wait Is Over......

For about 2 weeks I been driving everyone nuts, checking the mailbox, talking about it, planning what I was going to do with the CD.. Well the time is here, the time is Now....The anticipation drove me up the wall... This truly is the best material thing I got for Christmas this year, by far worth the wait. Every song on this CD is amazing. You don't find many bands like this that can keep the CD consistent from start to finish with songs that keep wanting you to listen to the next and the… Continue

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Happy New Year

To all my APHND Family, I want to wish EVERYONE a Happy New Year....Cheers!!!!!!!

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Merry Christmas Peter... R.I.P.

Here is a video that someone posted on Facebook that gave me chills the first time I saw it and have been thinking about this vid since... It just shows Peters Gentle side as his childhood friends knew he had....


Click Here......

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The Signed CD

So this is  what I will do with the CD when it comes in the mail...I am gonna burn it on my computer and make a copy that I can keep in my car. I have allot of stuff I have collected over the years that I have kept in tact. Eg: 1999 I met Kerry King from Slayer he signed my bomber Jacket and since then I have barley touched it. really that is the only famous person I have met. I keep things to me that I feel are sacred in good condition, another example I have an Original Ride the Lightning…


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Alright so I won, this is great, this made my EFFIN day... I would Love to thank Sal and Matt, Derek and everyone out here for reading my blog about APHND at Horns up...I want to wish everyone a Merry X mas....And a very very happy new year... IF I can get the CD in time for New Years at exactly 12 am I am gonna hit play and blast the whole album as loud as my stereo can go.... Thanks again..


Johnny "Demone" Caputo

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Life of Agony

Here is my new blog for all you LOA fans @ Horns Up Rocks.

Added by Johnny Caputo on December 12, 2010 at 1:26pm — 2 Comments

Thanks to APHND

Hey guys, thanks for appreciating the blog I wrote about the band @ HORNS UP ROCKS... I had put allot of thought into what I wanted to say about the band and it was all good, that was my first time writing a review about a band. There are two things besides my wife and my kids that I love most, music and writing, and by APHND recognizing my work has made it all worth every minute of it... Thanks guys. Cheers and Keep em Horns High \m/ \m/

John Caputo- Canadian Corespondent for…


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