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How do you think A Type O Negative Guitar Hero would go down, or is that to bold of a thing to do...

let me know your thoughts...I can tell ya right now that I would enjoy that game...

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What was the name of your first band

I was 15, a self proclaimed drummer, but the thing was i had never sat down on a set ever. A 2 week party at my friends house during the summer and he had his own band at the time, I went to his house and another friend of mine grabbed a guitar and started playing "Smells like Teen spirit" I jumped on the drums and it just felt natural, all that time learning how to play without a set and reading drummer mags payed off. The name of the band I started that summer was "MASS CONFUSION"

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Let me Know.....!!!!

Ok so Sal just recently found Peters Hat cause he wants to wear it while he plays live... Are there people out there that have to wear a certain thing when they play live or even at practice. For me I have to wear the Silver Onyx ring my pop's gave me.

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NICOLO PAGANINI 1782-1840. The first Rockstar if you can appreciate where a shit load of the best guitarists get there influence from, read this.

Caprice No 24: on Guitar, originally written on Violin

To me Nicolo Paganini is a Fucking Pioneer of what we see today in Rock/Metal…

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Feeling Inspired

SO i am sitting here and its 12:19 am...As usual I cannot sleep, I been finding myself more and more inspired to write again,I have not felt this way in a while (been in school studying law). Whats weird about this is that I wrote my first song inspired by Die Alone and written in drop D, something I have never done...I also find myself writting down some serious dark lyrics which I thought I lost the passion for... Seems weird that when you think you have lost something special like an ability… Continue

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My kids love this %^*#......

I have 5 children, they always hear what kind of music I play, weather it be in the car or on the computer while I do my homework. They always ask about what band I am listening to.. my 10 year old Seb is the most interested, he's gotten into Punk , that is his fave music. His fave band is Rancid, Lars Fredrickson and Rise Against and Blink 182. Its amazing that our youth can appreciate the music we like, its the kind of thing that bonds us together. If any of you have kids that are like mine… Continue

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For All the Type O fans

I am the founder and creator of the Type O Negative Army on facebook, if you are a fan please join. thanks

Johnny D

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What NYHC means to me.....

Ok, SO I am 18 and I meet these guys who want a drummer for their band, they heard about me through other bands, SO I decide to try out for the band. Needless to say after hearing me playing one song (Seasons in the Abyss) they want me in. days later after hanging out with them they introduce me to this band Life of Agony, at this point they still dnt know what my last name is cause I go by Johnny Demone, when I seee the last name of the singer I was like "fkn right on!!!!" The first… Continue

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