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Neglecting the Pale Horse.

I want to apologise for my inactivity but work has been hectic up till last week and spending lots of time with my little granddaughter Daisey (those I have on FB hope you like all the photos I post :) ) But I have a week off so hopefully I can be a little more active.

I have still kept up with promoting the band with twitter and Facebook. Follow me @dredzombie add me Facebook.com/dredmann666 just say you are from the APHND site.

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A Review from Wrexham

Found this on Facebook. APHND @Wrexham

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Photos Photos Photos

 Guess who's been a busy little dredmann? 

Here are my Flickr set and my Facebook set from last night's concert in Manchester.Also linked on the APHND Facebook page and on my twitter…


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Videos now uploaded to Youtube

Managed to upload 6 videos of the 11 song set from Manchester. I have linked them on the APHND Facebook page or you can see them here My Youtube Channel

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The Week to End All Weeks

Morning everyone. Today is the first installment of riding the Heroin Train, saying hello to the Serial Killer, Meeting The Wolf, popping pills with the Pill Head, peering through Cracks in the Walls and shaking hands with the Devil in the Closet

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A Week of riding the Pale Riders

The last week of January will be a week to remember. I will be seeing this great band at the four British dates during the EU tour. something no fan should miss out on. See you on the road!

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What are the Chances of me getting a photo pass for the UK dates?

I take a lot of photographs of bands when I see them live, most of the time with snap and go, bridge type camera or smuggle my DSLR into venues. Some come out good but most of the time i end up deleting more than I take. I have only been given a photo pass twice and that was both for The Haunted as I have got to know the band over the past 6 years. Now as the European tour is round the corner in January, what would be the chance of me taking some action shots of APHND at the venues in the UK…


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it's not all plain sailing in the music business.

If anyone thought that being a rock star meant that riches would come and the rockstar life would see you into that millionaire life you crave. Well think again! A good friend of mine, well when I say good we know each other, we can say hi to each other when we do meet. Yeah this friend is a musician called Peter Dolving, that's right the singer from The Haunted! Well as it happens even the greats need a helping hand once in a while and would like a little help to make rent and fund some…


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Look what the nice postman brought me!

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Get APHND to play Bloodstock 2012

join the forum and bombard them with all you got :D


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Supporting the Pale Riders

Come on, we need to know who are the lucky bands that will be supporting the mighty APHND over Europe?

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Got my new T Shirt.

Look what the kind postman left for me when I got home from work;

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Happy Birthday Dime.

Just a quick birthday greeting to the late Dimebag Daryl. Happy birthday dude \m/





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October Rust!

Right that's got your attention! Yours truly has got the whole of October off and was wondering if the band had any shows lined up, whether in Europe, UK or back home in the US because I think it would be a pretty awesome holiday to incorporate a trip to a cool place to see a cool band.

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After Another Signed Poster

 As it shows on the leaderboard your friendly neighbourhood dredmann is top of the list and that is where I intend to stay. So if you want take the signed poster from me get contributing!


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Will we be seeing APHND in The UK soon.

I know everything is planned in advance for tours etc  but it would make my day if the band played a few dates sometime soon. I would be there front and centre screaming out all the words to all the songs.

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Got my CD and Poster Today!

                                     Look what the lovely postman delivered today :)


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If any have a google acount and would like to be invited to join Google+ just let me know and I will send out invites

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Terrorizer Interview

I found this interview with Sal in Terrorizer Magazine 


Added by dredmann on June 24, 2011 at 9:30am — 5 Comments

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