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Pill Head - To Die In Your Arms (LIVE) Starland Ballroom - Feb 20th 2011 - APHND

Couldn't find these video's from the Starland Ballroom gig on this site so here we go. (should it be posted somewhere already give me a heads up) Enjoy suckers!!! : )




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@ ALL Dutch/Belgium members : Dedicated Hyves site for A Pale Horse Named Death!!!

Well, I decided to start a local website for the band. Local meaning, orientated on Dutch speaking people.


It is called Hyves and it is a social website quite similare to Facebook. Currently it's the biggest social website with 11 million members and over 7 billion pageviews. Although Hyves is mainly for Dutch speaking people, it can cover 20 million people in more countries than the Netherlands alone. Think about Belgium, South Africa, Dutch Antilles, Suriname and some more…


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Pale Horse & Seventh Void at Dingbatz 22 April

Appearantly APHND is booked for the 22th of April in a club called Dingbatz. Pale Horse will play together with their friends from Seventh Void!


For those lucky bastard that will attend, go see @ :


.....good thing Pale Horse is coming to Europe in August. I will buy a friggin Volkwagen van and stalk them across Europe ; )

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Ozone Kustom Worx

For all you steam-engine lovers and steel eaters. It appears that Sal is involved into working on bikes. He welds, fabricates and designes custom bikes. Go check out :


Now I don't know when he did his last creation, but perhaps he can tell us a little bit more on that topic. The man…


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Constantin & Sziamiau are ....

.....friggin' engaged!!   And the funny thing is that mr. Sal Abruscato is partially to blame for this.

Well, first of all, I popped the question in the old fashion way. As ritual demands, I crawled on my knees and dazzled her with gemms and gold to disctract her mind so she would say yes to any question. And goddamn ye merry gentlemen, it worked!

All in all it was pretty emotional, because we've come a long way together. Type O Negative basically is the reason that we found…


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