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**cackles and rubs hands in glee**

My guest column about metal, past and present, the recent Rammstein show, and the fact that one is never too old unless the music becomes too loud, is appearing in the Sunday Independent this weekend. 

And of course APHND and Seventh Void get honorary mentions for contemporary music that moves me...

I'll be submitting the piece to an arts and culture site on Monday and will post the link here once it goes live. That's if they like it enough. If not, I'll stick it on my…


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Well, I can report now that I've been practicing my bass now for almost three weeks solid. I have a tentative band room arranged and have started putting out feelers for musos to jam with once my six-month isolation period is up (end-June). This is scary and cool... because I'm finally doing something for myself and not just talking about it anymore. 

I have lost the feeling in my fingerpads of my left hand now that the skin is hardening. Kinda creepy but cool at the same…


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Nostalgia's sting...

Perhaps spurred on by my discovery of APHND, I've been looking back in my music collection to the albums and/or musicians that meant a lot to me when I was a terrible teenager/young adult... That was before I became (for a few years) a boring middle-class, middle-income suburban nightmare... Which I'm luckily cured of (and my poor colleagues have to put up with my multiply pierced, drab tattooed self). Okay, granted, I do have a penchant for purple...


And my "terrible" taste…


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