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Sam Shearon will be creating "A Pale Horse Named Death's" next album artwork

Sam Shearon will be creating "A Pale Horse Named Death's" next album artwork for there 3rd release. Sam Shearon has been responsible for creating the incredible artwork on APHND's first and second albums "And Hell Will Follow Me" & "Lay My Soul To Waste". Get ready it will tantalize your darkest imagination!

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New Album Release Date is May 27th, 2013

Get ready, we bring the doom in May! Now where should we tour and with whom?

Read the full story here:

Also, discuss the next album and who we should tour with here: …


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Sal Abruscato Studio Update on A Pale Horse Named Death's Second Album


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Artist Data

I was looking for ways to promote APHND when I came upon a website that suggest Artist Data.

They help publish information about a band with a single source.

It's going to take some work but I'm going to start connecting it to this website, Facebook, linking feeds, etc.

If anyone wants to help me, IM me and I'll give you the user name and password.



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LISTEN: A Pale Horse Named Death on WHDA 4/15/11

Listen to the edited podcast below. Want to thank Scott @ WDHA for an awesome night and spinning APHND. Would love to come back anytime.

Please listen to WDHA online here: h… Continue

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On death...

I'm totally bummed today. Received a text message this morning from one of my best friends, and a mutual friend of ours committed suicide last night. It would appear that 2011 is following its predecessor's trend. I lost someone very close to me last year in October. He was closer than a brother. And now this. A beautiful life snuffed out.


I've been on the brink a few times myself, twice with serious health issues, twice by my own hand. Every time I get to the edge and…


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Another Year Comes to an End

Since I'm usually behind the scenes here at APHND, I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a happy new year and happy holidays, whatever you celebrate or don't celebrate for that matter. Even with some of the tragedies this year, it has been amazing.

Thank you all for being such awesome an supportive fans of APHND and this is just the beginning of our APHND family!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Keep on rockin' and sharing Sal's bad ass…


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Free APHND CD Give Away!


You want some don't you? I thought so.

Yes, I'm talking about a FREE A Pale Horse Named Death cd give away I'm doing at my website today!

click on link ----------->Fiction Writer ~ Jodi MacArthur

I, along with another horror writer Erin Cole, am doing a big promo for…


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Finally ordered the album last night.

I know, I know! It's taken me a while but I finally ordered it last night around midnight.

Apparently Abruscato Enterprises shipped it off today. Thanks a lot, Sal!

I'm going to listen to the entire album, something I haven't done yet.

I've only listened to maybe two songs from the album so far. I didn't feel right listening to the whole thing without having paid for it.

Anyway, it should be here in a week or less. I'm looking forward to it!

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"And Hell Will Follow Me" review (French)

Here is a review I made.
It will certainly interest nobody cause it's in french and I don't think there is lots of frenches here (am I the only one ?) but never mind.

Rocker's Place

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NEWS: Ex-Type O Negative Drummer Resurfaces In A Pale Horse Named Death (

So, with Type O Negative done — for all intents and purposes — it’s

surviving members are doing their own thing now, and moving on from the

heartache of frontman Peter Steele’s mysterious, sudden, and unexpected


Former Type O Negative and Life of Agony drummer Sal Abruscato is

back on the scene with a new project called A Pale Horse Named Death.

He’s joined by producer and engineer Matt Brown in the outfit, with more details available at their… Continue

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