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APHND on Full Metal Jackie April 14-15

Full Metal Jackie is going to premiere the first track from the APHND album on her radio show for the weekend of April 14-16th. Make sure you check it out:



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A Pale Horse Named Death in Revolver Magazine in coming months

APHND album review feature in up coming Revolver issue, keep on the look out for it in the coming months.



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Sal confirmed a new song in Vinyl LP

What are your thoughts? What do you think it is, etc. Discuss...

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More European Summer dates are confirmed

Some more confirmed 2011 dates. More to come....…


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Happy St. Patricks Day

Well, today is the day!  I'm not Irish or really celebrate the holiday, but for those that do, be safe out there. 

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One more notch in my local media

Hah! Artslink took the piece after all, so the guest column I wrote about heavy music and my recent experiences watching Rammstein live in SA for the first time... with honourable mentions to my other favourites, past and present (including APHND) is live:

So this appeared not only in the lifestyle section of a national newspaper here in…


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A Pale Horse Named Death pimped in Life Of Agony Packaging

Kind of a cool… Continue

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**cackles and rubs hands in glee**

My guest column about metal, past and present, the recent Rammstein show, and the fact that one is never too old unless the music becomes too loud, is appearing in the Sunday Independent this weekend. 

And of course APHND and Seventh Void get honorary mentions for contemporary music that moves me...

I'll be submitting the piece to an arts and culture site on Monday and will post the link here once it goes live. That's if they like it enough. If not, I'll stick it on my…


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SPV Changes?

Now that the horse is out of the gate, my curiosity is how the second round of album release is going to go. Will it be re-recorded? Great, great news. This is a definitely happy day.

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15 minutes

So, in 15 minutes, we will finally know the big news.  We have had warnings, countdown clocks, and general banter to keep us busy for the longest 96 hours that has lasted one week! LOL!  I'm ready!  Lay it on us!  15 minutes early will not hurt anything!

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Hows everyone doing?

Today the weather here was warm but I think rain is on its way.I wonder what the big news is.Well hope everyone is doing well.Iater Pale Soldiers Of Death

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Got my APHND CD last night!

After only 6 days, my cd made it in!  My wife had it waiting on my desk for me when I got home.  I put it in long enough to rip it to my library and then put it right back in the case were it will stay.  Sal, thanks for taking the time to sign all those copies out there.  My wife (who is one of the crafty kind that enjoys making stuff) is putting me together a large display for me to put my drum heads in (once they arrive) and my new signed CD! 


I did listen to the entire…


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Well, I can report now that I've been practicing my bass now for almost three weeks solid. I have a tentative band room arranged and have started putting out feelers for musos to jam with once my six-month isolation period is up (end-June). This is scary and cool... because I'm finally doing something for myself and not just talking about it anymore. 

I have lost the feeling in my fingerpads of my left hand now that the skin is hardening. Kinda creepy but cool at the same…


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Guy Bannister... rule! Thx for the plug:

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People as me this shit all the time........

Ok so, Toronto does not have the scene like NY has, not by far. Most of the people I grew up with are into new bands, or other style of music from when we grew up together. Myself I have been a Metalhead from the start. I went out with a few friends from he old neighborhood I grew up in in Toronto, a little place called East York, this was a place where everybody knew everyone and we were all cool with one another. Getting back to the point here, I was asked by a friend while having quite a few… Continue

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Winner of the "How Black Is Your Heart Contest" is...

Ross C who by far has the blackest of hearts. He has been a busy fucker spreading the word about APHND. for that we thank you!


So what do you get Ross? Johnny Kelly is sending you some used drum heads when he gets back from Europe, along with some other goodies. It will be a bit while he is on the road, but sit tight- the goods are coming.


Congrats man!


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