To start off, I'm not a writer. lol

So I was wondering. When you(anyone) is writing a song, are you fully aware of what's being said and it's relevance, or is that more so something that happens after the song has been around for a (long) while?

Thanks for the input,


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Basicly, I write poetry first, being aware of its message, and then it is turned to be a song. (Though I don't write lyrics for myself, it's for someone else.)
I write poetry mostly, but when I do write songs, it just kind of falls out of my head and you're right. Sometimes the significance isn't always clear, but that inner muse knows and has something to say on it. Even if it takes me a million years to 'get' what the hell I was trying to say.
I can't write poetry or songs but I write stories and there's always some kinda meaning that relates to my life or feelings even if it is hidden behind the sleaze and the trash lol and yeah you do realise a lot after its written


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