For me, I'd have to say When Crows Descend Upon You and Die Alone, not only for the poignant lyrics, but it leaves me with this underlying, subtle feeling that "everything's gonna be alright" kind of thing, as perverse as that may sound.


When I first heard news of Peter passing away in 2010 I was utterly gutted, as I'm sure everyone else here was. But now, having the original drummer from TON coming out with material like this, with TON's second drummer as the drummer for this project, it feels like Peter lives on. Like the family is back together and Peter exists (somewhere) as a guide. You have lyrics and music that have a very similar vibe to that of TON, and Sal absolutely rocks it live, conjuring up great memories with the promise of many more to come. Add the song title/lyrics of When Crows Descend Upon You to the album cover, and it's just this amazing audio/visual combination that really takes a lot of heart and effort to pull off. It was like, bam, here's APHND out of nowhere. I've never honestly put on a record and immediately thought "yes, I love this," but I did with And Hell Will Follow Me. Those final two tracks are just like... jesus Sal, where the fuck did that come from?!


I really hope the next record picks up from where this one left off, and those depressing, creepy, long slow dirges of songs continue to show up. This could have quite literally been an EP of just those two tracks and I'd have been happy.


Anyway, enough blabbering. Which song, or songs, most resonate with you personally? And for what reasons? If it's too personal don't feel obliged to go into great depth. \m/

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I'd also like to add "Cracks In The Walls" to that list. They're undoubtedly my top three.

I would have to say Heroin Train because it brought back memories of my youth, not that I even took H but went through a stage of lesser drugs just to escape the boredom and insularity of family life at the time.

There is just so much emotion in every song. Still waiting for my vinyl copy to arrive, and will undoubtedly be salivating when I have it in my hands. Sal - please make it down here to Australia at some stage once money and time allows!

"Pill Head" also resonates with me quite a bit, given the amount of anti-anxiety pills I've been on over the years. It's damn near impossible to fault any song, in my opinion.

Die Alone. Most everyone I have known has passed in the dead of the night. The phrase "won't make it through the night" always came to mind. It is very true, whe it is your time you will probably pass very much alone. A scary proposition, which makes the song that much more powerful and full of meaning for virtually everyone!
Cracks in the wall followed closely by Devil in the Closet.  LOL I can't sleep with the closet door open! 
"die alone" - for it´s just one simple thruth. just as in "they (will always) die" by anathema. nobody can escape. it´s a simple sentence, it brings life down to the bones, reduces every thought right to this eternal truth. weird enough that this gives and contains hope somehow. we are not alone, for we all have something in common, as human beeings: we will, "die alone" ...
Well I will admit as a recovering addict, Pill Head holds a special place in my heart cause just as the song describes, thats what I was pretty much doing, been 5 months sober now and feeling fuckin great....
i would definitely have to say Pill Head. Every time i wake i have to take a few pills and every time before i sleep i have to take a few as well.

Johnny, Good- for- you!  Day by day...

Johnny Caputo said:

Well I will admit as a recovering addict, Pill Head holds a special place in my heart cause just as the song describes, thats what I was pretty much doing, been 5 months sober now and feeling fuckin great....
I'm loving the chorus line in Die Alone-- 'My life has fallen apart so many time I lost count...'  How unbelievably true that is, over and over....   I won't bore you all with details.     I'm also totally loving and connecting with several pill head lines, 'An introvert and these 4 walls..., ...can you help me to die tonight'.   Who got in to my brain to write these lines down? :) Not literally wanting to die (anymore!)-- but just getting away from ev-er-y-thing... family b.s., shitty co-workers, stresses...  And living with insomnia, I get to 'die' every night with some ambien  :)   ahhhh, bliss and peace and rest!! :) Thank you doctor, may I have some more?  ha ha ha ha
What you guys speak of means so much to me.
Your words are all things some of us have been through, I'm glad I heard that song when I did man it was right before I went in... It kinda made me take a look at myself... Your words got through to us bro and we thank you...


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