I keep searching  the googles for guitar tab for the songs  are there any out there yet? I would really like me some tabs. 

Please can we get some guitar tab?

What tune do you guys play in? Half step or full step down?

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I can't find tab for APHND anywhere either, and I've been looking since before Lay My Soul To Waste came out. Based on my own fooling around with Shallow Grave, I believe they play in C# (C# F# B E G# C#), so down a step and a half. Type O played in C# too, and I had been noodling around with some My Dying Bride and just half-assedly chug-chug-chugged an open C# power chord and it sounded right, so I went ahead and spent a few minutes figuring out the rest of the riff.

Unfortunately I can't tab for shit, so I hope these guys put out a tab book or some kind soul slaps up their interpretations on Ultimate-Guitar.


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