What's the spookiest experience you've had happen to you?

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I've had a couple I could go in to detail about.
I grew up in the mountains of Virginia, surrounded by Civil War grounds. One of my friends actually lived in a mansion that was once used as a Civil War hospital.
You would hear all kinds of things in that house. Footsteps, walking and running. The creepiest thing was the old elevator shaft in that house. The elevator had been removed many years ago and the whole thing was bricked up.
Some nights there would be a lot of noise echoing from the elevator shaft, though. Like something was moving in it.

That's not all of the scary stuff, though.
I remember when I was a kid, me and my brother would ride up the road to go fishing all the time.
He drove an old F100. We would stay out by the lake all day until night came. At night, bats would circle the lake for some reason.
Anyway, we were on our way home one night when a really strange animal appeared in the head lights.
It was just in the middle of the road doing nothing. It was about three feet tall and had the head of a dog: A long snout with large, pointed ears. It was kind of hunched over, but when it ran, it straightened up and ran on it's hind legs. Kind of like a human, but it didn't swing its arms as it ran.
My grandfather saw it as well one evening as well and said he had NO idea what it was.

That's not all, though. Believe it or not.
When you grow up in the woods, beneath Appalachia, you're going to play in the woods. Of course!
This may not seem that creepy but I remember playing in the woods as a kid and as you went deep into the woods, and you had to go pretty deep, there was this giant hole. Like 9 feet deep and a perfect square.
It was strange because this thing was just in the middle of the woods in a tiny clearing. It looked as if someone was going to bury a septic tank but the closest houses were nearly a mile away.

Some pretty creepy things happened to my grandfather as well, but yeah. It was a beautiful place to spend your childhood but I can't deny that area being really strange some nights.
I have had a bunch of creepy things happen to me.One night I was laying in bed and I felt a hand or finger go down my arm,As I woke half way and went to touch my arm all the sudden the left side of my bed sunk down as if somone was crawling into my bed and then I jumped up turned the light on and you could see the imprint on my bed and then I saw that it was 3am freaked me out.I played the role of a priest in this death metal video.There called "Ominous" "Your Tragedy" is the name of the song.Check it out its on Youtube.Well it was done at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly.If you have been there or heared of the place its creepy as hell.We had full permission to walk around anywhere we want and we were there at 10 am to 11pm.Now mind you there are only two staff members.So this girl and I that were in the video went walking around outside the walls.You could hear whistling and it felt as if we were being watched so we decide to go back inside the prison.The band was finishing up filming.The bass player and I went to check out the 12 block and when were walking up the stairs there was this piece of tape just sticking up perfectly blowing and there was no wind.We get to the 12th block and spend about 20 min in there.I decided wanted to see if we could catch some evp so I put it down on the old food cart that was used to bring there food to the prisoners.It ran in the middle between the cells.I walked away and went into one of the cells and stood there in the dark.Waiting 3min then went to get my cell when I did it was side ways and then I said to the bass player we have to record one more time this time Iam going to ask it a question.He gave me a look like you are crazy man.So I stood there for like a few secounds then when I went to ask the question,Which was If there is anyone in here give me a sighn.Two secounds after I said that I felt a hand clamp down on my shoulder and thats when i turned to the bass player and said ok we have to get out of here.I did'nt listen to the recordings till I got home and it by far was the creepiest thing I have ever heared.First one had clinging noises as if they were banging there metal cups on the cell doors.The other sound on the first recording was as if they were talking very quiet.The secound one scared the shit out of me no lie.Whatever is there wanted me to know that it new I was there cause it said my name very softly before i asked it a question then it said my name very loudly with such a evil presence and thats when I felt the hand clamp down on my shoulder.Iam getting goose bumps writing this.Before we left the lead singer and I decided to take the camera and put it on night vision and when were walking domn 4th block in pitck black by ourselves.The lead singer and I are big guys and we dont look like we would get scared well let me tell you.When I said you go in that cell I'll go in that cell for like 5min.I was standing in there and iam not kidding you what ever it was did not want me in there and i think that happen to him to cause we leaped out of the cell the same time.Well the creepy part was he went home a couple days later.The lead singer calls me and tells me you have to see this.As we were walking pass the cells the video camera picked up a slaming noise everytime we went pass a cell.We did'nt hear it then.At the last part of the recording you see like two or three shadows drop down from the wall and stand there for a few sec and then it dissapeared.All I have to say is when you go searching for things in the dark dont be suprised what you find.
OK So I used to have a Canadian flag covering my doorway to my room, I was watching TV one night and I reached over to my right to get my smokes and the flag was up in the air as if someone was moving it outta the way to come into my room, my dad had just died about 5 or 6 months prior. I wasn't scared, I actually felt some comfort in knowing it could have been him..I have reoccurring dreams about him all the time, the same one every time..I know that is not scary or spooky but just wanted to share that.. Cheers
ok here is mine... when i first moved out of my parents house, I rented a place with a few friends it was a very old house i guess someone had passed away there. We were young and didnt phase us till one night we were sitting around having a party and the phone rang...the funny thing is we didnt have a phone line nor was the phone plugged into the jack! Our eyes must have been huge as saucers haha, not really spooky but something rang that phone!
One time I was walking around in the woods in a schoolgirl uniform (gotta be prepared if you're heading out into the wilderness) and I could swear there was a pair of men in black watching and following me.


I love thunderstorms and fierce weather but it can really spook me out if I feel like I'm in danger. There was one time I had my own place and I lived on the second story of a really old building. I was getting ready for work and it was raining and thundering a little bit outside. I didn't think anything of it until it started raining harder and harder. All of a sudden the sky turns green and hailstones start flying into the windows. The wind is blowing so hard on one side of the building that I can't see out the window. In a matter of minutes I watched the hailstones go from being pea-sized to almost an inch in diameter. The tornado sirens go off and I start freaking out. I run out into the hall and run into my neighbor's apartment. I think he was high because he seemed to think it was "really cool, woah the trees are twirling around!". I watched the trees bend really hard as they were getting blown around. In a matter of minutes the rain slowed down and the sun came out. I went outside to leave for work because the sirens has finally stopped. There was a foot of water on the ground and it was a trip driving through it to get to work.


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