I myself would love to see them play at Starland Ball Room or Dingbats in New Jersey only because you can be up close and feal more apart of it.Back in 08 Sal played with his other band  called My Mortality at Dingbats and let me tell you it was amazing!!! I had the chance to share a few words and hangout with Sal.It was one of the best days in my life to be able to meet someone you grew up listening to.It was awesome to wake up everyday and my brother would have like 15 -20 people  in my kitchen drinking coffee blasting Life Of Agony,Type O Negative and Pantera.Now I wake up and blast APHND!

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Hey Jim , I agree Croc Rock.. I live 10 mins from there :)

Jim Bronyaur said:

Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown PA... great small venue and I live only five minutes from it so, you know, APHND and I could jam out before the show.  :)

NJ - I would like to see APHND at either Crossroads or Starland Ballroom.

PA - The Trocadero, The Electric Factory, The Theatre of Living Arts (TLA).

If I had enough money a small venue in NY like the Knitting Factory or my favourite place in Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers. Also anywhere in the UK just get your arses back over here prompto!

I would love to see them come to Northern Virginia.  Washington DC, Richmond, Norfolk.  Anywhere near me really.  :D

Play the troc in philly. I've seen a lot of great bands there. It's a nice size if you ask me.

Gostaria de ver no Brasil. Muitas bandas do gênero gótico estão vindo para cá. Irão se surpreender com a quantidade de fãs que aparecerão.

I totally agree, Germany would be great.

But I'd prefer a location in Berlin or maybe in Leipzig.

misscinnamon said:

Germany, of course! ;) I don't mind the location as long as it would be Germany anyway, but "die Roehre" in Stuttgart would be nice..

 In GIBSON GUITARS Original Birthplace ^5

Edmonton, AB Canada would be sweet i would drive in to the city to see the band play live. 


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