What band and album got you into metal?!

I was given Kill 'Em All when I was about 10 and I haven't stopped headbanging! 

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This is my favorite album of all time.
I got it the day it came out in July '83 AND I still have the Kill 'Em All pin I got from joining the Metal Militia when it was still based out of Oregon.

Nothing beats the raw vibe and sound of this record.  It was the start of new, and much needed genre of music.
Before this all I was steadily listening to was Sabbath, AC/DC (Bon Scott preferably) and Motorhead.


For me it would have to be Maidens piece of mind. I saw the picture of eddie on my dads record and i thought it was so cool. I had him play it for me and i loved it. From there i wanted to listen to every heavy metal album he had, and he had quite alot.
Kiss revenge. My uncle always played kiss when i was growing up  and i just started becoming obsessed by them. He took me to my first kiss concert when i was twelve. He also got me into Priest

i started out liking the 80s metal bands like Scorpions, Quiet Riot, Cinderalla, etc. And then I moved on to the great DAnzig and that went to TON & LOA and now to APHND.


as for the albums; Metal Health(QR); World Wide Live (Scorps); Danzig I - III; Bloody Kisses (TON); RIver Runs Red (LOA)

First ever rock/metal record I heard was UFO Rock Bottom in 1978. I borrowed the 7" red vinyl from my cousin after how he described how Michael Schenker wowed the crowd. From that day on my life had begun. First album was 'DC's Powerage and a year later in 79 got to see them with the one and only Bon Scott. Managed to go to 100's of concerts over the last 30 something years, now enjoying a lot of Swedish metal like Arch Enemy The Haunted In Flames Soilwork and Wolf. I still love the old school bands like Scorpions Sabs Rush etc.


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