What is your favorite APHND song?

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Loving Pill Head, Die Alone and As Black as my heart the most... in that order.  Very well done- in

so many ways...

When Crows Descend Upon You, Die Alone and Nothing As Black As My Heart
Serial Killer. 

As black as my heart & Bath in my blood


serial killer or to die in your arms..

"As black as my heart" – it was the first song I got to hear from APHND on Youtube (before I got the album), got completely hooked and then it totally blew me away at the live gig in Hamburg. But it's closely followed by "Die alone". And the rest of the album. ;-)

As Black As My Heart is awsome but so is Die Alone . But saying that , the whole damn album is a awsome piece of work . Priceless effort boys  so lookin forward to nxt  jan show in Wrexham .

Serial Killer

When Crows Descend Upon You has been growing on me lately.

If I have to choose it must be "Die Alone". Especially the part starting "Sometimes you want to put a gun to your head..." 

I have picked Serial Killer as the number 1 song of 2011 so that is still my fav APHND song to date.

Top 5, in order:

When Crows Descend Upon You

Pill Head

Bath In My Blood (Schizophrenia In Me)

To Die In Your Arms

Pickup Truck


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