AND HELL WILL FOLLOW ME...... That titl;e says it all, Sal took us into his dark soul and he let us peer into his Black Heart....As I said before I know that the follow up album will be fkn kick ass...If I could suggest anything for the next one is to get as sick and twisted ans he can get , maybe talk  some of his favorite "Serial killers" and their stories, kinda how Slayer did 213 about Dahmer...I know that Die Alone was dedicated to the "4 deaths of April, but to Kinda have a tribute song would be cool to hear...I dnt know how sensitive he is about that but i am just throwing it out there... Gimme some feedback!!!!

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I meant to add a Peter Steele tribute song, sorry for the typeo
its crazy how the cd is not official out yet and we all want more and soon. i really hope that the next cd comes out in a year or 2, i mean, there has to be some solid touring first for the first cd and then the next one comes out. i just hope that the cds will not be 5 year gaps between them.
I hear ya, I am sure that Sal and the boys will deliver....I was just out getting my Type O tattoo touched up and I got the guy to youtube some APHND and we were listening to it and the other artists in there were amazed at the songs and of course I was giving the full history about this band n shit and now I think they are all gonna sign up for the site.. gotta spread the
I hope Sal focuses more on the slower dirge-style songs personally. Those are always my favorites. "Pill Head", "Die Alone", "Cracks in the Walls", "Devil in the Closet", "As Black As My Heart", "When Crows Descend Upon You"... all of those are in heavy rotation for my personal playlist.
i would definitely like to hear a Type O cover, but maybe after they put out a couple more records, and then do some covers. i am sure that they will play a cover song or 2 live.

Johnny, I heard a rough version of a song about Peter when I was at Sal's. He wrote it a couple days after he passed away. I don't know if it will ever see the light of day.  But I can tell you that the song is great and his vision for it is grand. Hopefully it will make the next album.


Mike, you mentioned covers. Sal seems pretty keen on writing original music. I suppose it is possible he will go back to covering the type o material he was a part of. But my gut tells me he has alot of ideas in hishead and will flush those out first.


Personally, I would love to see Josh come in and make an appearance on the next album. I am a big fan of the brooding and evil shit like Suspended In Dusk and Bloody Kisses. A long, evil dirge with Josh would make me happy. As a fan, I dont want to hear TYPE O again, more the  creativity of Sal and Josh together again in 2011.


Also, would be great to see Joey Z lay some licks.


Finally, I highly doubt it will take 4 years between records....

I dont think there would be a 4 year gap either, that was more of a Type O trademark. That would be crazy if Josh would appear on a future track.
Never know. If the fans suggest it enough, Sal might try to make it happen. Might be fun for Josh, last I heard he was in school for something. Nursing? I could be wrong. LOL Can you imagine Josh as a nurse? You are on the edge of death and you see him coming at you with a needle?
Josh is a paramedic now. I saw a recent picture of him on Facebook & he shaved his head.
Ahh.. good for him. :) Thx for the info.
Yea I think Josh on a few songs would give an extra dark twist to some APHND songs...


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