ok i log on to this site and it brings you to buy something.the only way you should spend money on any of this is if your on as much oxycodone as sal is. real nice to [ost a video on your site blasting the club the sound and the openers im personally offended ive worked for way better and never got dissed on the mic like that in 25 years of mixing and if your a fan you should expect nothing but 100 percent sal was so high he had no clue he wasd even onstage there it was said like it should be every song sounds the same monotone number 25 on revolver woohoo screw you

Someones a fucking crybaby and needs to get a real fucking job.

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Dude, don't even pay attention to that idiot. He doesn't know what real music sounds like, he probably jacks of to "that thing i'm not even gonna name you know who i mean" every day. Sal and APHND are the best and we know that and that's all what matters

Fuck that guy. APHND is number 6 in Revolver.\m/ \m/I have saw them three times now and everytime they are fucking amazing!!!!

Sal does give over 100% to his fans !!!! That guys an ass. He should have private messaged Sal not put it up on the APHND fb. As i said before great band, great people , great music they deserve their spot in revolver. \m/

What is the link to this?

I agree, by the way. If you are paid to do a job and you dont do it. Bring it up with the musicians directly. The bottom line is he didnt do his job. I was there that night and he didnt do his job...bottom line.

IT was on Facebook but must of got deleted b4 everyone saw it, nicole and me saw it at like 5 in the morning. i had some very coarse words for the guy. I told him to go !@#$%^&* himself, who was he to post that on their own Facebook and said its nobody's fault but his own. After he posted it he said cant wait for the fan backlash or something along those lines.

Yeah dont listen to this bullshit!!!

I just think its bs that he has to go to the ph facebook and try and start shit. I will never go back to Dingbatz now

Yea that guy  is a fkn dick...He dnt know jack shit

I bet its a good thing he mentioned it after the show else I bet some of you who went would have been having words with him!

I got one word that's gonna come back to haunt him & it's called "Karma",I think I'm gonna send my condolences now to his family because he's pretty much a marked man now lol.


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