Theoretically speaking, let's say you go to an APHND show and you get a chance to sit down with Sal and Johnny, the only two drummers for Type O and two current members of AHPND.  They have time for one beer, one shot, and one question.  Now, what beer do you drink, what question do you ask, and what shot do you order for you and the guys?

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Corona with lime, shots of Rumplemintz, and "What is YOUR musical guilty pleasure?  What album do you listen to that no one knows you have?"
Why dont you organize this thread so members can each ask a question, then we can present a clean and concise list of questions for Sal and the band? Thoughts?
Well, I mean it is kind of open for everyone to present a question.  I guess I could just word it differently and still yield the same results.  Just didn't want to do the generic "Questions for Sal" thing, but whatever works.  If this thread dies, just delete it and make a new one that is a more direct question I suppose.
Crown Royal for a shot, Corona if its a beer- or better yet Crown with Corona chasers. Question would be "Who was your biggest influence when you were starting out as a drummer?"
Well, if anything Bobby, it sounds like we could be good drinking buddies! LOL!  Corona and Crown makes for a great night.

i have to say that i am not a beer man, i like vodka so i think that i would have to sit down with the boys from APHND and have some fine Finlandia vodka and just shoot the shit.

i would probably ask them where they think they will be in 10 years or so. and probably have to ask what it was like to watch the great Steele at work on stage.


If I was lucky enough to be in a venue that had Berry Weiss on tap, the beer would be Berry Weiss, the shot would be a Superman, and the question would be "Have you ever had to play on non-standard musical equipment when your musical equipment broke?" I'm talking about stuff like buckets and saw blades.
Ok well I would order a Hieniken or Coors, a shot of Whiskey and I would ask them what bands have inspired them to begin a music career....
well when it comes to know it's Corona and Crown..but I wouldn't mind throwing in some hungarian witchcraft drinks hehhe
Ok, now I have to ask.  What is a Hungarian Witchcraft drink consist of?

I order a Double Bastard Ale.  (No, it’s not a personal commentary- it’s just a fantastic beer.  So is Arrogant Bastard, but I’m rambling…)


My question is, “What is your biggest regret in life?”


The shot I order for all three of us is Old Overholt.  If you guys haven’t had it before, trust me.  You’re gonna LOVE it.  Nothing quite like drinking a piece of American History…

Beer=Yuengling, Shot=Jack Daniels, Question=What's the biggest difference between playing in T.O.N. and APHND?


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