i have always been a metal head, grew up on the 80s metal scene and continued from there to the present date. but the one song that i love the most is not a metal song and i am sure that i will get some giggles on here when i tell you what the one song that i love and when its on i turn it up and try my best to sing in key along with it.......ready......Tiny Dancer by Elton John.......insert laughs here.....i was just wondering what everyones fav song of all time is.

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I was always fond of Photogrpah by Def Leppard. For metal - Christian Women has all the elements I love.
Tough call, actually.  i could list a crapload of "favorites" from a myriad of bands.  "White Slavery", TON.  "To die in your arms" and "Die Alone", APHND. "Highway To Hell", AC DC. "A Familiar Taste Of Poison", Halestorm. "I Cannot Be Loved", My Dying Bride.  "Whiskey Bent and Hellbound", Hank Williams Jr.  Etc, ad nauseum....

The coked-up version of "God of Thunder" on KISS Alive II . . .


tough call..................

Anesthesia and Christian Woman by Type O

Crack the Skye by Mastodon


I could go on and on..............

Tough Call indeed, Empire by Queensryhce(sp?),show must go on by Queen,Anything by Alice In Chains, Anything by TON man the list goes on and on and on! Die Alone aphnd, cof -under huntress moon, slayer - dead skin mask and season's of the abyss, oh man waaaaayyy to many to list!
There are too many to choose from ,but one song  i really love has to be  Mother by Danzig


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