Any news on shirts, stickers, patches, etc..?  Just curious.  Last I heard there was the rumor of April having new things, but all in good time.  Just wondering if we can get a little something to look forward to.

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Nothing yet, but this was sent to you yesterday. You can thank Mr. Kelly for pulling all the sigs together.


Now that sir, is fucking awesome!!!!   Thanks Johnny and the rest of APHND.  Also, thank you Derek for sending it my way and putting the contest on.  It's going to look good above my desk at home!
'All in good time' says it well,but definately agree looking foreward to merch! It's gotta be a big time consuming project along with everything else going on-but know I can't wait!
wow man I would frame that shit soo  Congrats
this is sweet !
That bad boy finally made it's way up above my desk at home!  I would post a pic, but hell, it would look just like the one above.  It's the crown jewel in my living room, that's for sure.
that is beyond cool!

Have you see this?


You can get it here:


Yes Derek, I have seen it and it's awesome.  But no, Derek, I can't get that there.  BECAUSE IT DOESN'T SHIP TO AMERICA!!!!  BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
that shirt is wicked, i need one or two or three!
I would love to have one.  When can we expect to get some love in the states?   I need some merch!


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