Happy New Year, everyone!

Thanks to all my friends, family, all who have supported APHND and my fellow bandmates for turning this past year up to 11!  

2011 has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to an awesome 2012 with all of you.

Be well.


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Happy New Years \m/

Happy New Year to you Eric!!!!! 2012 will be massive for you and APHND!!!

Happy New Years, Eric.

12 will be even bigger and better!!  Happy New Years E!


Happy new year, looking forward to next week starting the year with a friday the 13th

Happy new year to you also, Eric!
Up to eleven, eh...? :-D What is the sadest key to compose in then in your opinion? :-D

Really looking forward to the gig in Hamburg on Feb 01.
Hope you can sign my painting. I also thought about bringing my bass, but that might be a bit over the top... ;-)




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