So, not only do I get to rock some signed drum heads from Johnny, I finally got the spare money today to comfortable afford to purchase the APHND cd without having to listen to individual tracks off the website.  Now, I have one question and one concern for others that have purchased the CD as of late.


If I click on merch at the top and buy it that way, will I still receive a signed copy from Sal, or is there another way I have to purchase the album to get this?  Or, are they not doing the signed copy thing anymore?


Second, my wife has been almost scammed once online, and it's hard for me to trust a secondary site.  Any problems with the CCNow Digital River site that the merch link sends you to?  Just have to ask.  You can never be to sure these days.


Thanks guys

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That will get you the signed copy!
Oh. And thousands have bought the cd off that page.
Thanks Derek.  I mainly just wanted to see if it would get me a signed copy.  Now, I get to do the wait until it arrives at my door!

I wouldn't worry about it at all. I ordered my copy from the same site. It came directly from Sal and got to my front door in less than a week.


I ordered from the my signed CD in 3 days!    Listening to it as we "speak"

Now I'm checking the mail 3 times a day.  Should be in soon!

I was totally blown away by how quickly I got my CD. The money came off our credit card within 24 hours and, though I know there was really shite weather up in the US at the time, the CD was posted within days and arrived in South Africa (despite our postal system and the festive season madness) within three weeks. We've bought discs off that supplier before (my husband is a big JG Thirlwell fan) and we've never had issues there. Far cheaper than ordering through South African suppliers who normally put a whopping mark-up on.

We buy most of our stuff online nowadays, in any case. Never had issues and most of the artists we support directly. I prefer it that way.

APHND wouldn't tell you to use a fruity site. They're great. Sal even filled out my envelope way back then.

I still have the postal bag with Sal's writing over it in which the cd arrive. I keep it for when Sal will become a super star and then I will offer it on E-bay for a zillion roebels.


So basically, me supporting Sal nowadays is kinda of a selfish act. Bite me. 

Damn, I think I threw mine away... But I still have the digipack! Heeeee!
I still have the envelope that mine came with too.  It's hand-written...makes me wonder now if it's Sal's writing.  I'm thinking probably not...can't imagine he has time to be handwriting envelopes these days.


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