I realize there are copyrights and whatnot that prohibit certain things, but I would imagine that a little fan art wouldn't hurt anything.  Here is a little something I came up with during some free time at work yesterday. 

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Something I finished last night. :) Hmm, so it's in the attachment.
Yes I was really impressed by this. You did a great job Annika.
Good job Annika
I'm going to resist the temptation of dragging that 2B pencil out of my drawer at work. I stopped drawing for a reason.
Thanks you guys :)
I was in a design mode already this eve... This is very, very rare for me to actually feel like fooling around in PhotoShop, especially after a day like today where I've been doing freebie design work after hours. Thought to go for a retro feel and give a slight nod to Warhol and some pop tart.

Just a drawing I made, heavily inspired by APHND

Not much to tell about it really


My deviant

Nice work.  Good job for just a free hand sketch.
Nice and disturbing Jens :]

hey nice stuff here!


im working ritgh now on two illustration, one of APHND and another based on When the crows... as soon as i finish them ill post :)


my deviant


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