I realize there are copyrights and whatnot that prohibit certain things, but I would imagine that a little fan art wouldn't hurt anything.  Here is a little something I came up with during some free time at work yesterday. 

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I tried to take a page of Sam's book and create a Pale Soldiers of Death look and include the APHND font. Thoughts?
Nice, Ross.
For some reason I'm thinking of those Victorian-era death portraits. There's a whole subculture devoted to them. Might be fun to play around with a photo shoot at some point.

One more over lunch.


cool Derek
Dude, that's bad ass!   I like the one of Sal!

Was trying to go for the WWII propaganda look, but didn't quite nail it.  This is my first attempt.  I'm going to try again later, but at least I have something to go off of now.  Still love the one of Sal, Derek.

One more..


Fan art is fun. More.

Here is my humble offering:

Photo is from license-free stock found at morguefile.com for any other aspiring fan-arteests out there.

This is quite addictive. Effort #2:

Here is a background I made.


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