I don't have any tattoos. Do you? I've seen some beauties for TON, and Sal mentioned he had APHND done before he did the music. Care to show them?

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I have the O Negative symbol on my right shoulder.  Only band tat so far.

When I was 16 I tattooed my left lower arm myself while I was sitting allone in my room at my parent's house, bored to death. Therefor I used a box cutter and a normal needle with normal black ink (like for using in pens)...It took the whole night. (Yes, I know how stupid that was!!)  At that time I was a crazy fan of a german punkpop band and so I still have this thin lined logo showing an Ä in a circle. It lookes like crap and I'm not that big fan anymore, but the band was a very important part of my life for many years, helped me through hard times and I have many valuable memories relating to it. So of course I will keep it!

I have also many new plans regarding bands that I love! But I will keep this plans as a secret untill I have realized them! But you can be sure that the theme of some of my new tattoo-plans fits in the line above ;)

I've got O minus/ sub zero and hammergear on one arm and a butterflylady with at tophat with a green ribbon on the other. I know the butterfly lady is not a logo but the hat is a tribute to Peter Steele. I really wanna get the horse from the cover of * ...And hell will follow me.* But I'm in lack of cash these days, but when I get it, I'll post pics


I don't have any ink. I'm a wuss when it comes to pain.

But I have to say, if I did get something it would be the TON logo. Where? I have no idea, but somewhere concealable. I honestly give major credit to those who do get good looking band tats.

If I ever saw someone with a TON tattoo, I'd probably need to say hi and compliment the person for a great choice in music :) 

I have the KISS logo tattooed on my lower right arm, Nicole has LOVE YOU on her wrist and i have TO DEATH on mine. Wed we are getting these. Then after im gonna get the misfits skull tattooed on my right middle finger.

got the type o hearts done they are bloody

I have two tattoos myself.  One is my user picture here (skull N Bones).  The other I got earlier this year is a TON tattoo.  It's just a simple TON symbol in black on the back of my right shoulder.  Definitely want to get more.  I've been thinking of getting a crow or raven.

Oh forgot to add.  When I got the TON symbol on the back of my shoulder it actually hurt quite a bit.  After awhile I started to bliss out because of the endorphins.  LOL!

I think that's a really good Type O tattoo.  I have the Θ on my right shoulder.

Caroline said:

I have 4 tattoos for now but TON tattoo in my back is my favorite :)


I have the subzero/type o neg symbol on my right arm, Fear Factory's logo on the left, I need to get an APHND tat anddddd I'm getting "I Regret" from LOA on my left forearm


had this done last year

steve hill said:



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