Which of Sal's lyrics stand out to you?


For me right now, Heroin Train's "I never thought I'd end up a fucking junkie" is one.

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Cracks In The Walls - My favorite song on the album.


Cracks in the walls grow everyday
Longer and taller they make their way
Weaving a web that's surrounding me
They tie me down so i can never leave
Screaming and fighting is all I can do
They cracks open wide adn let devils inside
Cracks in the walls are inside my head
Cracks in the walls leave me for dead

A Lil Codeine will make me make me feel alright....

i love the lyrics in Serial Killer:


Im the son of the devil himself

Im the one they call the killer.

agreed with all cracks in the walls, pill head and i never thought i'd end up a fucking junkie. are we all wreckheads on here? lol me and mickey made up our own lyrics for heroin train..hehe. i also can relate to as black as my heart :)

From Die Alone:

Sometimes the ones you love betray you

Sometimes you find yourself all alone


This particular song just jumps out at me. I lost someone very close to me last year, so close he was almost like a brother to me, or more than a brother than my biological family. I also had certain issues that contributed to driving me to the edge, where I just couldn't see a way forward, and I failed at doing something really stupid. So when I hear this song it just makes me realise that yes, life is essentially cruel, short and full of sorrow, but I'm alive, and while I'm kicking, I gotta just do my thing 'cos one day it's all going to end and I must enjoy it while I still can. I got weighed down my by own black nihilism, so ja... Die Alone is kinda my anthem at the moment.


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