Hey people... haven't posted in a long freakin' time. Hope everyone is doing good!


Sal, you guys have fans over on the West Side too! Seems odd to me that APHND can get to Europe but not tour at least 4 major West Coast cities (LA, SF, Portland and Seattle). What gives? Can we expect a full US tour when "And The Second Album Cometh" (or whatever it will be named) hits the virtual shelves?


Also, any teasers on the horizon? You guys filming some of the studio work you're doing? Would love to see a montage set to a partial playback of a few tracks in the making.

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Keep checking in man. Things will start ramping up soon. Sal was recording vocals the other day and Sam is hard at work on the album art. Sit tight....

Would love to see you guys in VA too :)

Alright so I'm re-visting my thread from last year. Did you guys record some video while working in the studio on the upcoming release?


More importantly (and selfishly too) - WEST COAST, BITCHES! You ARE coming over here for this release, right? RIGHT?! I swear to god if I have to go to the east coast to see you guys I'm throwing a murder of dead crows on the stage. Don't make the crows descend upon your show!


(Fun fact - a group of crows is called a "murder", I wasn't just throwing that word in there randomly!)

would be good to hear some news about tour dates, we gotta get ready for it people!


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