I normally hate the word supergroup, but i think A Pale Horse Named Death is exactly this and more. Most of these guys have been in big bands over the years Type O Negaive, Biohazard and Life Of Agony and have played some big venues over the years and now for them to  come out and do a tour and play in front of anything from a few hundred to a maybe a thousand is great to see. They had no problem meeting and standing for photos and its great to see people who i have idiolised from when i was young do this. Thank you guys you made my dreams come true. Really cant wait for you to tour again and release anothe album

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This band is a MEGA group! I can't wait to be able to get the chance to talk to them in person and get a picture with the guys. They all seem to be down to earth and easy to talk to. I have only met Johnny Kelly while he was with TON and he was awesome about talking to him and snapping a couple of pics.

I think its a perfect description of the them :)
rust me when I say within the next 5 years this band will be FUUUCKING HUUUUUGE...
I agree!!

dredmann said:
I think its a perfect description of the them :)

There's this other super group called Seventh Void... they SUCK!!!


I'm joking. I love that band. I can't wait for APHND to tour the states, though.

I have so much shit I want to throw at them.

Bottles, rocks, ninja stars...


I'm joking again. I'll bring toilet paper. No reason to let an old tradition die, right?

Thanks, Conor.

Catch you soon.


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