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It is a Dutch review for the APHND show in Dynamo, Eindhoven (Netherlands). Awesome show. 

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Comment by dredmann on August 20, 2011 at 5:53pm

A rough translation via google:

Reviews Dynamo Eindhoven A Pale Horse Named Death / Seventh Void 7:21 min ago Storm Seeker ICS Vortex 3 days 4 hours ago Second Coming 15 Reasons 3 days 5 hours ago Harhakuvat unkind 1 week 1 day ago Volition As Hell Retreats 1 week 2 days ago Subzero SS Kaliert 1 week 3 days Kingdom In An Evil Days ago Sleeping Giant Age 1 week 4 days ago Kaessariah. Very Lifelong ... Sembler Deah 1 week 5 days ago Heavy Worship The Great Commission 2 weeks 3 days ago Roelofs It For Everybody Iwrestledabearonce 2 weeks 3 days ago Baldur Skálmöld 2 weeks 3 days ago Five Serpent's Teeth Evile 2 weeks 4 days ago in Waves Trivium 2 weeks 4 days ago Jasta Jasta 2 weeks 6 days ago Male Dictus Eris Svartsot 2 weeks 6 days ago History Repeats Dying Fetus 5 weeks 2 days ago Conjure and Command Toxic Holocaust 5 weeks 2 days Ten Years ago EP Pharaoh 5 weeks 4 days ago Back Through Time Alestorm 5 weeks 4 days ago Neutralizing The Threat Earth Crisis 6 weeks 4 days ago A Pale Horse Named Death / Seventh Void - Dynamo Eindhoven Friday August 19. A bustle of people in black flowing Dynamo inside. They are all Seventh Void A Pale Horse Named or death, or both. The two bands of name may not be so great, on stage is a huge status in terms of metalheads. Both bands have former members of Type O Negative in the ranks Add in too Life Of Agony and Biohazard, and you know what you're dealing with. New bands with experienced members. Brooklyn New York is an area with fertile soil for metal bands. Greats like Life of Agony and Type O Negative come from, among other That latter was last year rocked by the death of frontman Peter Steele. His death prevented the other members do not make music. Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly found each other. Both are active in the touring band Danzig. Together they were to be erected Seventh Void That band existed officially since 2003, but with Heaven Is Gone since 2009, took their first real album. Johnny Kelly is in turn the successor of Sal Ambruscato Type O Negative. When he finally started drumming at Life Of Agony, Kelly could replace him Sal Ambruscato has, in addition to Life Of Agony, a new band: A Pale Horse Named Death. And, on drums Johnny Kelly sits there, because in this band sings and plays guitar Ambruscato Sal. In short, the Dynamo on August 19 was packed with people related to Type O Negative Many people in the audience were also dressed in the band shirt of the kings of gothic. Type O Negative live among fans. Some even wore a shirt Carnivore. The band Type O Negative which arose. Yet these people were perhaps not what they had wanted musically A Pale Horse Named Death Dynamo opened in full. Despite competition from the Lowlands, Summer Breeze Pukkelpop and canceled, it was sold out. Only 200 people could attend this cult show in the basement of Dynamo. The band played tight around Sal Ambruscato In terms of pace seemed most like the band Type O Negative. The most discreet, quiet man suddenly appeared from Life Of Agony frontman to be a good. Sal Ambruscato was entirely in his songs. Guitarist Matt Brown, who later in Seventh Void on stage would be was considered an energetic member. This energy took the audience well. More and more people began to move in the dark rock. A lot of people thought 'Die Alone, "one of the highlights of the set. Not long after A Pale Horse Named Death of the stage was gone, came on Seventh Void Kenny Hickey was looking forward to it. In his six pack Dommelsch. The band continued as well. After the opener, the audience yet another looser. In "Heaven's Gone", which stood second in the set, they got fans all along. The music of Seventh Void is much similar to Type O Negative Kenny Hickey's voice is incomparable to that of Peter Steele. That equals the benefit to the band. Besides the fact that two members of the band were famous, there are few similarities to be found. This means that with Seve

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