Lay My Soul To Waste is scored a 10 out of 10!

"The record is incredibly dark – listen to “In the Sleeping Death”, “grabbing the razor and I cut to the bone lay here in silence listen to drops, watch the blood flow watch till it stops.”   This is not some manufactured angst either, this is normality, real emotions channelled through a group of individuals who have lived it. Even the more upbeat tracks offer a sinister undertone with perhaps a small element of tongue in cheek which perhaps comes from the Type O Negative influence.  This record takes the heavy bass and riffs of Type O Negative, injects some Life of Agony melodies and arrives at A Pale Horse Named Death via Alice in Chains.  For me, they have managed to do all this without a hint of being generic.  There is not a generic note here.  This is essential."

SCORE – 10 out of 10

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