INTERVIEW: Sal Abruscato’s A Pale Horse Named Death (

A Pale Horse Named Death the new project lead by Sal Abruscato
(Typo-O-Negative, Life Of Agony) reminds me of an evil Alice In Chains.
It’s definitely fresh and there is nothing like this out there that I
have heard. Each song takes you on a journey. With each song you can
actually see the a story unfold in your head. I can not pick a stand out
song because this CD is so solid I can’t skip any. I know I have a long
wait but I am looking forward to seeing Sal front A Pale Horse Named
Death on stage.

I sent Sal a few questions. Here’s what he had to say.

RN: Why did you name your new project A Pale Horse Named Death?
Sal Abruscato: I was always fond of the story and imagery of the revelations version of Death on a pale horse so one night watching history channel about revelations and I thought of a play on words and switched it around to A Pale Horse Named Death

RN: I know you have been on tour with LOA and have not had time to really promote A Pale Horse Named Death yet. Are there any fall plans?

Sal Abruscato: The plan is we are signing a deal with
Napalm Records and they will release the album in 2011 and there will be
summer and fall touring

RN: What inspired you to write some of the songs such as Serial Killer?
Sal Abruscato: The fascination of what runs through a serial killers mind.

RN: Do you have a line up for the live band yet?
Sal Abruscato: working on it as we speak. Will be Matt Brown, Possibly Bobby Hambel and talking to some drummers and bassists.

RN: Any shows planed yet?
Sal Abruscato: Summer 2011 we should start in Europe

RN: How does it feel coming out from behind the drums to front your own band?
Sal Abruscato: Gonna be awesome I am excited to do something new.

RN: You recently posted that you could no longer sell your CD because you got a record deal. Can you comment on that yet? Who is the deal with, when will it be released, will extras on the disc that we (the people that have it) do not have?
Sal Abruscato: Looks like we are about to finalize with Napalm Records. Will be the same track listing.

RN: When will the T-shirts and the rest of your merchandise be available on your website?
Sal Abruscato: The label will be setting up retail merchandise so it’s just a matter of time with logistics.

RN: I feel like I have to ask this even though I know you guys get asked this all the time. Before you went to Europe I spoke to Joey and he had said that there are no plans yet for another LOA CD. Since you guys have been on tour has that changed? Has there been any talk of you guys getting together and writing?
Sal Abruscato: No talks, not that I know of and I just finished writing a whole album, so I am pretty focused on APHND

Thank You Sal for a great CD and getting back to us with the Q & A so fast.

For More Info Check Out: A Pale Hore Named Death


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