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[REVIEW] A Pale Horse Named Death – And Hell Will Follow Me

And Hell Will Follow Me
[SPV Records]
Verdict: 8/10

Sal Abruscato has done it again, folks. A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH is a breath of fresh air, or better yet, a dying gasp to send you comfortably over to the other side. This dark and brooding rock music has the obvious LIFE OF AGONY seed planted within, but don’t take it as a desperate attempt to keep the LOA legend alive. This is definitely its own beast. APHND deliver depressing and hateful music with a rather upbeat rock and roll feel. The subject matter isn’t all flowers and sausages, not by a long shot. Sal makes sure that we are all well aware of the hardships that can befall any one of us at any time, and it works like a charm. Imagine if STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and PARADISE LOST had a baby. That may make it a little easier to understand what awaits you on And Hell Will Follow Me. I won’t name any certain songs, as this is a complete album, not a single or two wrapped in filler. Sludgy riffs and dirty solos rock your face off as the droning lyrics seep into the mind and manifest as the dark thoughts within the blackest part of your soul. I have always enjoyed the depressing side of heavy music, and this album fit’s the bill, but it won’t have anybody grabbing the gun any time soon. How could they anyway, when they are too busy rocking the fuck out. Check this out if you aren’t afraid to embrace the chaos that is this mortal coil. Dark, heavy,….SICK! (Stream – “Cracks in the Walls”) By Bubbs Harris

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