As soon as the needle finds the vein, as soon as the first line is cut, as soon as the smoke is inhaled the Pale Horse knows and is coming to get you!
There are somethings that should be left but there are some that should be known about and A Pale Horse Named Death's new album And Hell Will Follow Me is definitely one.
I am not going to appraise each individual track because it screams out theme and concept concerning the all to common spiral of addiction and drug abuse leading to death and demise. Whether that was the idea by its creator Sal Abruscato, one time drummer with Type O Negative and Life Of Agony, I will never know!
Nothing as black as my heart
The selfish black heart of an addict who will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to get their fix. The echoey blackness created by the drums at the start and the tremelo guitar effect give the impression of the selfishness of which I imply. I'm riding the heroin train. I'm riding my broken dreams. Can't you see the tracks on my veins. The sudden realisation of being a junkie is slowly kicking in but is it too late? Can something be done? The hallucinations are getting worse the nightmares become real.. the devil in the closet lives. can something be done to stop the downfall? The dreams are getting worse, the innerself want's to break free in a schizofrenic rage I'm about to lose my mind. I feel like i'm gonna fuckin' explode. I'm about to bathe in my blood. Yes I'm afraid the other me has taken control The shock of finding out the truth has finally kicked in but how to solve the addiction? Prescribed meds are they going to help? Sometimes they just don't cut it like the real thing and more and more are needed to get what was once sought. and all that is left are some pills! I'm a pill head drifting through the universe. and more are needed to match the fix from before. Won't you take a ride with me. We'll take my special rocket ship and fly...when we get high. Time to give up! Time to leave! Time to meet the wolf I know when you scream like a little girl. I know you're addicted The wolf is YOU! haven't you realised that yet you dumb fuck! Your warped brain has turned you into monster! I'm the son of the devil himself. I'm the one they call the killer I'm the son of the angel of death. I could be your serial killer. The sinister sound of a shallow grave being dug at the end of Serial Killer leaves nothing to the imagination. The crows have descended. The Pale Horse is almost in sight. I ride a pale horse named death. Follows me wherever I go.Tell you to take your soul. When the crows descend upon you. When you die! Nobody cares anymore One thing is guaranteed. You always die alone.

If this album was put into visual imagery I would imagine a modern 21st century Rake's Progress. The demise of a once maybe prosperous soul through the ravages of drug addiction. It should be a warning to anyone who thinks about wanting to start on that slippery slope.

Disclaimer. These ideas and thoughts about And Hell Will Follow Me are only my interpretation of the album. Make your own mind up and enjoy it for what you think it gives you.

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