Ok guys, here is everything we know about album 2 so far:

1) Sam Shearon is doing the artwork again. Yes he did the first album and the cover is nearing completion as we write this.

2) It will be a full album length

3) Sal has said on chat numerous times there will be slower songs. When asked if it will be "Suspended In Dusk (Type O Negative) slow" he said "ah yes actually. there is a really slow one!"

4) When asked to give a hint about the album, Sal said: "The hint is if your suicidal I suggest you don't listen to it!" He also said it is "Darker & Slower" than And Hell Will Follow Me. Also "some mid-tempo stuff". 

5) No collaborations this time (that could still change)

6) Is planning b-side and extra songs for soundtracks

7) No covers.

Keep checking back to the official site for updates as they become available. The hype machine on the next album will be ramping up in the coming weeks. 

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