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Additions to apalehorsenameddeath.com - adding video to blogs and discussions

You might see some new icons to add video, pictures, links, and files to blog and discussion posts. You know why? Cause we rock! You can now add all of these things by clicking the icon on your blog, discussion, or reply posts. Easy! So with that, I felt like these two posts were fitting.…


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A Pale Horse Named Death on Last.Fm & favstar.fm

Hey all,

APHND is now on Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/A+Pale+Horse+Named+Death and tracks are here: http://www.last.fm/search?q=a%20pale%20horse%20named%20death&from=ac

Also, traffic has been coming from… Continue

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APHND Featured On Invisible Oranges

Hey guys, APHND is featured on Invisible oranges. http://www.invisibleoranges.com/2010/12/your-new-favorite-band-a-pale-horse-named-death/ and have a feature right as you enter here: http://www.invisibleorganges.com

Here is what they have to say think they are impressed?…


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Some APHND News & The Footnotes Of Visiting Sal!

Good evening!

I wanted to drop in and fill you in about Rebecca's and my visit to Sal's. Now before I do so, there is alot I cant talk too much about due to label, stuff and other stuff not being set in stone. But here is a condensed list of the day:

  • Rebecca and I drove 4 hours each way to see Sal - in one day! We almost hit a giant buck on the way. Not to mention, there were crows....everywhere! Rebecca and I said to each other, "yeah this about right for where Sal…

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Who's going to see Sal while in europe & NYC with LOA - dates

Here are the upcoming dates:


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Keith Caputo's "Got Monsters"

Thought we should give Keith some props. Check out what he is up to:http://www.keithcaputo.com/

Keith Caputo - "Got Monsters" Music Video - Official Trailer Directed by .NK. from keithcaputotv on Vimeo.

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Hey all,

Great job on the last contest! This time, it is the same deal. Participate here within the APHND Network, chat up APHND to zines, rock & metal websites, invite friends, tell friends about us. Rebecca and Sal will be watching closely between now and December 19th. On the 19th both will decide who has been the most engaging active, and the winner will receive a copy of the album for the holidays that is personalized to you from Sal. Think of them as the Lord of Death and… Continue

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Thanks to EvilBanks for sending this along.

Want one for yourself? Buy it here while supplies last.

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The 10 Winners To Chat w Sal Contest are....


Scary Carrie



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REMINDER: CD's are limited

Hey all, with the holidays looming and if you haven't picked up a signed copy, you might want to. With the way they are flying the limited edition signed copies might not be around come Xmas.

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CONTEST: Chat With Sal Abruscato!

As promised, we will be having call with Sal. No fire, no hot chocolate, just some good evil speak for the holidays. The people who are in the top 10 on the Leaderboard section at 12PM EST on November 29th will receive a call in number and date to chat with Sal along with the other 10 folks who are leaders. You can ask him any questions you want. APHND, Type O Negative, Life Of Agony, Nathan's Hot Dogs, you name it!!

Here are the rules:

  1. You must be a Member of…

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We noticed some of you on Facebook and Twitter complaining about "being poor". Yep- the

economy sucks. So with that in mind, we are going to give everyone that

are members of the APHND site a chance to win the CD.


1)All you have to do is email as many media zines and metal and rock

websites about APHND saying "why aren't you covering these guys" and

insert… Continue

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INTERVIEW: Sal Abruscato about his time in Type O Negative, Life Of Agony, and his new project “A Pale Horse Named Death” (MetalGeek.com)

Sal Abruscato is a man with many stories to tell. He was in the original line-up of Brooklyn’s finest Type O Negative, still plays drums with Life Of Agony and has a fascinating new project called “A Pale Horse Named Death” which is his top priority right now. We caught up with Sal during Life Of Agony’s European tour in Vienna/Austria to talk about his time in Type O Negative, Peter Steele, Life Of Agony and A Pale Horse Named… Continue

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INTERVIEW: Sal Abruscato’s A Pale Horse Named Death (RockNightmare.com)

A Pale Horse Named Death the new project lead by Sal Abruscato

(Typo-O-Negative, Life Of Agony) reminds me of an evil Alice In Chains.

It’s definitely fresh and there is nothing like this out there that I

have heard. Each song takes you on a journey. With each song you can

actually see the a story unfold in your head. I can not pick a stand out

song because this CD is so solid I can’t skip any. I know I have a long

wait but I am looking forward to seeing Sal front… Continue

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