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Happy St. Patricks Day

Well, today is the day!  I'm not Irish or really celebrate the holiday, but for those that do, be safe out there. 

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15 minutes

So, in 15 minutes, we will finally know the big news.  We have had warnings, countdown clocks, and general banter to keep us busy for the longest 96 hours that has lasted one week! LOL!  I'm ready!  Lay it on us!  15 minutes early will not hurt anything!

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Got my APHND CD last night!

After only 6 days, my cd made it in!  My wife had it waiting on my desk for me when I got home.  I put it in long enough to rip it to my library and then put it right back in the case were it will stay.  Sal, thanks for taking the time to sign all those copies out there.  My wife (who is one of the crafty kind that enjoys making stuff) is putting me together a large display for me to put my drum heads in (once they arrive) and my new signed CD! 


I did listen to the entire…


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"I want to 'thank' you like an animal"

So Trent Reznor won an Oscar last night.  I'm not sure how many more movie fanatics are on here, but I was shocked.  First off, I guess I didn't pay close enough attention to notice that he did the score to the Social Network, but the dude actually won!  Odd times.  Good for him I guess.… Continue

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WoW players! Check out my new Death Knight!


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Anyone on reddit?

Just out of curiosity, there any fellow redditors on here?  I'm on that site daily (not really posting, just reading and voting).  Just wanting to know if anyone else is on there.  If so, add me.  Al_Cadda

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News on signing with a label

The other day via Facebook (if you are not following APHND on Facebook, than DO IT!) there was a short update on "News coming soon about a label announcement".  I wish you guys the best and hope you find a home at a label you can work with and enjoy.  My fingers are crossed for Roadrunner!  Anyway, there any news as of today?   I know it hasn't been long since the Facebook update, but I've been thinking about it since.

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So, of all the members on here, do we have very many gamers?  I'm big into PSN and just recently got World of Warcraft which I play a lot.  Just wondering if there are any APHND members I can meet up with online and play with.  Just curious.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Well, it's that day where we spend money to show our significant others just how much they are monetarily worth to us!  Hope everyone had a good one out there!  "Die Alone" and "As Black As My Heart" make for some perfect seasonal songs today!

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Completely unrelated to APHND, but odd

So, a friend of mine posted a news story on his FB about a guy who got killed by a chicken at a cockfight.

Ok, so as horrible as it is for any human to lose his or her life, I did laugh at the fact this guy ate shit from a chicken.  I love life, but I also adore irony.  Well, someone on my…


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Support for a memeber

My music library is growing stale at work.  I have my laptop going with about 300+ songs that I've been listening to for the last year.  I'm getting sick of listening to the same songs everyday.


Today I decided to try out a internet radio station started and ran by one of the members of APHND website.  Vicky posted the other day that she was involved into this and I kept it in the back of my mind, but did not go out of my way to give it a listen right then.  I wish I had. …


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New Music Ideas

So, I'm trying to beef up my music collection on my new pc I got about a month and a half ago.  I've taken everything off my iPod and Zune, but can still use a new collection.  I put this in a previous blog, but my friend turned me on to Deadboy and the Elephantmen & Dax Riggs the other day, but I need some new tunes! 


I've gotten all the popular things that everyone should own, but I need suggestions.  And I don't get into death / black metal shit.  I'm more of a Type O…


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Acidbath/Deadboy/Dax Riggs

Does anyone get into these bands / artist?  They all have Dax in them, but a friend of mine just recently turned me on to them.  I've never got into Acidbath.  I have a couple of their songs on my iPod, but not a lot to justify being a huge fan or anything.  The other night, my friend drops me off a cd of mp3s and they are full of these bands.  I got to say, I've been rocking the shit out of Deadboy and the Elephantmen.  Dax Riggs' solo stuff is not half bad either.




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Don't drunk dial my group of friends. It wil be made into a video!

Ok, this might not be as funny as I think it is, only because I know both people involved in this and one is my best friend, who just had a birthday last week and decided to drunk dial. The next day, they planned on having his 29th birthday party at a skating rink in Dallas.  That's all the back story you need to know!


Unrelated: I have a pic of me and Alex at…


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To Tweet or not to Tweet?

So, I have never had a reason or desire to start a Tweeter account.  Everyone I have ever talked to about it says the same thing;  "It's just full of pedo's and creeps".  But, it's the "in" thing now and many bands are other famous personalities are tweeting, and it's apparently newsworthy when they do. 


How many people on here are on Twitter?  Should I even worry with it now, or is it something that I'm missing out on?  I need some feedback before I create an account,…


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I know you are doing it too, so don't lie!

Ok, I'm sure that the title of this blog will be slightly misleading, but how many of you, right this very minute, are sitting in front of your pc, just trying your hardest to think of something to post on your blog or message board, just so you can win that big prize at the beginning of March?


I'm not going to lie about it.  I've been thinking about it for the better part of two hours.  My conflict is that every time I join a message board, I find that I can not bring myself…


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