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Great Review!

Congrats \m/

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Revolver Magazine Discusses 'Lay My Soul To Waste"

Hey everyone, run out and pick up the latest Revolver magazine and support them the way they support us! 

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Lay My Soul To Waste Worldwide Release Dates Announced

Release dates for "Lay My Soul To Waste", on May 21 in North America, May 24 in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and May 27 in the rest of Europe via Steamhammer/SPV. Mark it on your calendars.

Please support us and add this to your facebook timeline. 

Directions: Right click the image, then…


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Our New Album Title is "'Lay My Soul to Waste" & Track Listing

Hellyeah! Sal Abruscato's A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH have completed the mastering phase of their forthcoming sophomore release on Steamhammer/SPV. The NEW APHND album is entitled 'Lay My Soul to Waste' and it will be released on May 21st in North America. Additionally, the tracklisting…


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Happy Birthday Day Peter Steele

As Sal said this morning, "Happy Birthday Peter T. Steele you are and always be an inspiration" Please leave your favorite memories of the Green Man here. 

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New Album Release Date is May 27th, 2013

Get ready, we bring the doom in May! Now where should we tour and with whom?

Read the full story here:

Also, discuss the next album and who we should tour with here: …


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A Pale Horse Named Death in January 22nd issue of Revolver Magazine

APHND to kick off press on in studio interview feature in the Jan 22 Revolver issue. Thx to Brandon Geist for coming to get a sneak peek into the new record. 


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Sal Abruscato Talks To About New Album & Late Spring Release (2013)

"The sound has evolved and become a bit more orchestrated.   More harmony work has been done on this album, including new elements such as a Hammond B3 organ and piano. To me the album has an even darker sound and feel than the first one." He continued, "The new album is a natural progression in song writing and vocals yet keeping continuity with the first album musically and artistically. Fans of our first album will find all the traits they love melded with even bigger production and…


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APHND's Second Album to Be Mastered By Ted Jensen (Pantera- Far Beyon Driven, Green Day - American Idiot) at Sterling Sound

Mastering will be done buy the great Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound some time in January. Ted Jensen is one of the world’s most in-demand mastering engineers, putting the finishing touches to projects across virtually every genre of music.


Ted brings a unique combination of technical expertise and creative feel that allows him to…


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Sal Abruscato Studio Update on A Pale Horse Named Death's Second Album


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APHND Official Artist Sam Shearon Interview with Heavy Metal Artwork


Sam Shearon Aka ‘Mister-Sam’ is a British Artist born in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Specialising in horror and science-fiction, his work often includes elements inspired by ancient cultures, the occult, industrial/art/revolution-eras as well as classic literature and the often controversial side to the study of the supernatural, the paranormal and the realm…


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Connecting people with APHND

Or: A pale horse unites the world

Here's a little story I'd like to share with you Pale Soldiers.

Remember ”back then“ when APHND was new, we all got excited about the new album, the first tours and the photo contest on the new website?

Yes, sure you do and so do I.

Especially because there was one guy…


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All We Can Reveal About Album 2

Ok guys, here is everything we know about album 2 so far:

1) Sam Shearon is doing the artwork again. Yes he did the first album and the cover is nearing completion as we write this.

2) It will be a full album length

3) Sal has said on chat numerous times there will be slower songs. When asked if it will be "Suspended In Dusk (Type O Negative) slow" he said "ah yes actually. there is a really slow one!"

4) When asked to give a hint about the album, Sal…


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"Lady with an Ermine (in the shelter of A Pale Horse)"...

On the Wawel Royal Castle in Cracow, Poland, You can admire since may the most precious painting in this country - "Lady with an Ermine" from Leonardo da Vinci - absolutely priceless artwork and the only one painting from da Vinci in Poland.

Painted about 1490 in Milano, Italy, bought by polish prince Adam Czartoryski in 1800, during the II World War a bit…


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Fan art: New Lords Of Flatbush guys dont fuck around. Glad that the 2013 release date is inspiring you old school fans. Keep the fan art coming. 

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Sal Abruscato chat transcript from 5/5/2012

Hey all, here is the chat transcript from Sal's chat on May 5th, 2012. Great questions. Sal talks some about album 2. Click the link and Enjoy! 


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Neglecting the Pale Horse.

I want to apologise for my inactivity but work has been hectic up till last week and spending lots of time with my little granddaughter Daisey (those I have on FB hope you like all the photos I post :) ) But I have a week off so hopefully I can be a little more active.

I have still kept up with promoting the band with twitter and Facebook. Follow me @dredzombie add me just say you are from the APHND site.

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Sal Abruscato in SPARK magazine

In april issue of Spark magazine Sal comment few sorted classic songs like Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop, Black Sabbath's The Wizard or Life of Agony's This Time! Look and buy here: 

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Johnny Kelly chat transcript from 3/29/2012 - talked Type O Negative, Danzig & APHND

Hey guys, big shout out to Johnny who spent over 2 hours chatting with he fans. He was incredibly gracious with his time. Also, props to Slitzy for join him too. It was alot of fun. 

There is one caveat, the chat tool only keeps an hours and a half worth of history, so I was only able to copy the last 1.5 hours of the transcript. Sorry about that. Now we know for future chats to copy everything at the 1.5 hour mark and then copy the next. Live and learn. Thx for your…


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