My Friends (167)

Joe Salles Jr

way too many to list..River Runs…

Corey Milam

Lay My Soul To Waste


Bloody Kisses/October Rust / Both…

Jack Hansen

Nothing's Shocking

tina starkey

orgin of the feces

Nine IZ

They are many.

Cathy Ratajczyk

Too many to memtion

Austin Stubbs

die with me


Only one?!

Mary Vigna

Bloody Kisses by Type O Negative


Through the Ashes of Empires-…

Brian graves

Ummm hard to put a finger on just…


October Rust

January James

Light Me Up - The Pretty Reckless

Bryan St. Damn

life begins again, jimmy…


Definitive NIN, October Rust Type O

Natasha Von Grimm

Master of Puppets, The Wall, Bloody…

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