I know most of us are from the 70's and 80's here, but what was the first album/tape you bought with your own money, I remember I was about 11 and I got some Christmas money and I went to a used Record store and bought Metallica: Kill Em All, this one  is an original one due to the fact that it has Am I Evil and Blitzkrieg, the new ones they make dnt have those songs on it. I still have it in tact and my other fave collectible is the 595 Garage days original Lp featuring Jason Newstead for the first time right before Justice came out. and recently I bought off Craigslist and Original Ride The lightning record still in the package from 1984. I want to start a new collection of TON/LOA stuff to add to the collection.
What have you guys collected over the years dnt even let me tell you about all the floyd records I have that would take some time,.

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Yeah, if anyone wants to talk age here, listen to this... My first 45 (cd's didn't exist then) was Funkytown by

Lipps, Inc. in 1980.  My first LP 33 was Michael Jackson off the wall in 1981.  I've run the gamut from R&B, rock, death metal, TSOL and 45 Grave to pop, club/dance music...  I'm glad to have been and continue to be eclectic in music, and what a musical ride it's been....  TON still has it's own special spot in my heart and I'm glad APHND is now included!

Hey Diana, "Funkytown" is a great Song! I still listen to this one! My first Record was KISS - "Best Of Solo Albums", followed by IRON MAIDENs "Killers" ... I still have both of the LPs and i am glad that I got the KISS Record signed by Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace over the Years. Now I got it framed as the Record "which started it all" ...
I remember when I went to the music store at the age of about 11 (1987), gave the seller an empty tape and asked him I will pay him just to record "THIS VINYL WITH BLACK COVER AND THE STRANGE STAR ON IT". It was "Shout At The Devil" of Motley Crue :0 Then I heard for the very first time LOOKS THAT KILL and since that time nothing was the same, anymore... Still have this tape, with the "cover picture", which I cut off of some music-magazine...
Twisted Sister ....Stay hungry.....
I think is "Iron Fist" (Motorhead) or "In Rock" (Deep Purple) tape....before ages...
My first was Are you dead yet by Children of Bodom.

Hmm, had to think really hard but my first album (LP) was actually a soundtrack from the science fiction movie "DUNE". Great mix of rock and classic music.


My first CD was Slow, Deep & Hard from some unknown obscure band from Brooklyn ; )

hey I heard of that album.... lol

Me too! Me too! What was the name of this band.... hmmmmm..... Nevermind, they were obscure for sure! :)


My first purchases were Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance and Billy Squier Emotions in Motion....

...Am I Evil and Blitzkrieg appeared on the 1988 re-issue of Kill 'Em All, the original was released in 1983. I have an original copy of Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning on vinyl along with the $5.98 Garage Days R-Revisited. My latest purchases include Type O Negative Slow Deep And Hard on vinyl, looking for Origin Of Feces on vinyl......I also have a large 80's hair metal collection on vinyl along with a mix other types of music including a Circus music album!

SAVE THE VINYL!  Crank it.


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