It's all well and good playing across Europe but when are you guys going to play some shows outside the NYC/NJ area in the US?! ;)

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Hey Tom, great question. I haven't talked to Sal since they went to Europe, but I know this is something he and the band wants to do. 

Don't forget Orlando!!  Florida needs to see APHND!!!  ;}

Sweet!  Come to Northern VA!

Houston is also in need of APHND.

Jacqueline Nevada Abruscato said:

i suggest calling your local venues and requesting to get them on the bill in the time being :)....then maybe they can come to your town :) with enough demand for rock the boys can give you a good supply of rock.  they are ready to go anytime!  unfortunately, america is much harder to get a tour going.  we as a country have lost sight of real music and the clubs fill their marquees with crap to pay the bills.  not a lot of people really care about quality anymore... except for all the APHND fans.  they are the best ones out there.


So very true! I doubt most of the venues here would even consider APHND- unless they go dubstep. It's sad that I live near such a large city( Raleigh) with so many colleges, and yet musically, there is NOTHING to offer here- unless you like oldies and dubstep.

Some shows in VA or NC would be great, though.

There's a little venue in Raleigh called Volume 11. They're small but they get some big names.

I talked to the guy that runs the place about playing some APHND in the bar but I think he dicked around on it and never did. I got to talk to someone face to face about that, I guess.

The Lincoln Theater in Raleigh would be cool, too.

As far as Virginia, I don't know. I've only been to three places.

The Jaxx in Springfield, which is fucking far from where I live.

Carnivore played there in '06.

Then there's the NorVa, where Type O Negative played a few times, which is also fucking far from here.

I don't know about northern VA, which is also fucking far from here.

There's a place in Roanoke called Two Towers which is owned by Awful Arthurs.

I don't think APHND would be happy playing there, but you never know.

I saw Buckethead play there a few months back, and to my amazement, the place was packed.

One of the things I hate about living in SW Virginia: I have to travel to see a descent show.

Rest and relaxation in NC? Outer Banks, perhaps?

That place is my second home.

Jacqueline Nevada Abruscato said:

my family is in charlotte, so sal might come to NC for R & R but it will be rest and relaxation and not rock and roll....yet

 You know, I've been here nearly a decade and have never been to the Outer Banks, redrum. I don't get out much,lol. Volume 11 would probably be a good venue for APHND. I didn't think about The LIncoln- lately, from what I hear, all they've really been doing is hosting raves (according to my daughter and her friends). Unfortunately, I can't travel very much(disability prevents it) so getting to venues outside of about 50 miles from where I live is really tough. But I've been trying to talk my hubby into saving back a little tax refund money to perhaps make a trip to Brooklyn sometime when APHND is doing some shows there. I told him it would be one hell of a pilgrimage for me


Thats cool that you have family here Jacqueline- And from what I hear, Charlotte is a bit more "advanced" than this area. The hardest rock station we currently have plays mostly 70's and 80's stuff. Thier old motto used to be " everything that rocks". They've changed thier format a little- still play 30 year old rock, but they finally dropped the motto. They used to promote the Mayhem Festival, but they wouldn't even play 90% of the artists from that on the station. And Mayhem even dropped Raleigh this year. So we metal fans are musically starved.

Redrum, I don't think NoVa is too far.  Oh wait...that's cause that's where I live :P.  I did send an email to the 930 club in DC to see if they'd be interested in booking them today.  I forwarded the website and Dan's contact info.  *crosses fingers*

the trick for us to attend any US gigs is knowing in advance..we want to see the band play there but as it will be an expensive trip we gotta plan for it. so..I'll be chceking bacxk just in case as I might be traveling that way a bit more often


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