What were you doing when you first found out about APHND?Did a friend tell you?Did you hear it on your own?


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Actually I found out by looking up Sal on Facebook, I saw the APHND thing on his page
i first heard about them on facebook as well via the Type O Negative page. i was really excited to check it out and i have not regretted it at all.

i believe i "heard" about a pale horse named death off of they type o negative site on facebook. never been so happy with a band since type o negative!! sal is an awesome writer and i loooooooooove this band. i have turned on a few friends to a pale horse named death thru facebook myself. good question keith!! thanks.

Awesome! Facebook seems to work the best.Myspace is only good for music. I was constantly checking back and fourth to there page when there was no music then they put up Bad Dreams with no vocals and I was like by the sound of this I already was hooked.Iam so happy to have new music that kicks ass back in cycle.So sick of this trendy sound that is out there.Thanks Mary. :) I agree his writing is bad ass!!! His vocals are amazing!

My friend of 20 years, Matt Brown showed it to me.  We were driving in Chicago while he was here on vacation visiting listening to it in the car and I instantly fell in love.  I love it from start to finish.  All I can say, I am sooooo ready for the tour.  I need it live, now!

Again,I found out thru Sal on FB - so glad I did ! \m/

Facebook. lol

OK around a year ago he asked me to start a facebook page + I did.OK the only friend I had on my facebook blog then who ever running the page took me off as a friend  don't get It.

TON page on facebook. Maybe on blabbermouth.net. not 100% sure. Have told many many MANY friends.

I was looking for Type O Negative news on Twitter.

googling life of agony  tour info and found the first interesting band in years!

I found out from a post on the Type O forums.


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