What rock/metal collectables and merchandize do you have?

I'm a sucker for collectables and merchandize and I payed more for it than probably worth it. But once you are hooked you gotta have that thing ; ) It lead in buying interesting collectables and I wonder what stuff you have and what is the thing you are most proud of.


One item was bought on at the Seventh Void gig. It's a handpainted (with a marker pen!) drumhead from Johnny Kelly. Hank Hell from Seventh Void made the artwork and the band signed the thing. There is only one the world and that makes it a wannahave item : )


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wow thats awesome, ive got johnnys drumstick and hank & matts pic from the seventh void gig and kennys pic from a type o gig, have them all lined up with my predator statues but i'd say my most treasured possession is my signed drumskin from murderdolls with them all wishing me a happy birthday :)
btw the real collectible in the picture is that kitty with black nailpolish hehe
I have a guitar singed by all of TON. I have a ton of CD covers signed. One Megadeth album signed by Dave Mustaine. All kinds of crap. lol I should do a video and post it here.
I used to have a Squeal T-shirt I scaled off the band's drummer. But then, that was a really, really long time ago when the alternative rock scene here in South Africa was in its infancy. And I don't suppose snogging a guitarist from a (now) very prominent band is really something I should be bragging about... I was 17 and I was stupid, always ending up backstage at some of these events.
I have a special box next to my bed full of little goodies I've picked up from shows over the years. Some items include guitar picks which I've gotten from Adema, Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, and of course Kenny and Matt. I have a ton of band stickers and tickets stubs. There's a white tank top with a bunch of band member signatures on it. Pins. Receipt to my Celebrity Ovation. A Lacuna Coil matchbox. Bloody Kisses cassette tape.
I suppose I can now add a Rammstein ticket stub to my collection... Big gigs are few and far between here in my home town.
Puscifer show poster signed by Maynard is my favorite. <3 that drum head is killer.
I suck at this, I have all of 1 thing that might be considered "collectible".I saved a ticket stub from a Pantera show from 1994. I suppose I'll have a total of 2 when the APHND digipack arrives, if Sal is still signing them.


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