What is your favorite APHND song?

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ALLoff them \,,/.

To Die In Your Arms and Serial Killer

Love them all - but most As black as my heart

probably a joint favourite with "As Black As My Heart" and "Meet The Wolf"

MAN I like them all really came lout on top nice \,,/ !ALSO If you need me I am renewing my passport+what KENNY doing with his band.BELEAVE me you guys give me a chance I will not screw It up.OK time to send some phone numbers to RICH=SAL.HEY they got my one friend from ALABAMA GOOD=Once he ask were RICH was from N.Y MAN did he go off lolI think he took the prank off.OK I was crying laughing that how funny It was for at least a week.SO I going to give him some more phone numbers lol.MAN It to funny.I think I going to Oder like 30 pizza have them sent to his house lol.ANYWAY all the song,s are killer.One I get all my bills payed then I getting the C D = 3 XXX SHIRT.HEY If you guys have a TYPE O NEGATIVE SHIRT EVEN If Its 2 xx I buy It.OK my so called friend,I looking out my window= hes JACKING my shirts well I JACKED his JAW up.THIS was years ago.ALSO your other band played at the first MAYHEMFEST 20O6 or was that OZZFEST.was the next month.OK that was some show also LIFE OFF AGONEY.WELhave a good one bro CHOW,,,,,,

Very hard to pick a favorite. First thought Die Alone but now I'm obsessed with Cracks In The Walls & As Black As My Heart.. Love them all!

Meet The Wolf, great fucking song!


All of them....but I've had Pill Head stuck on repeat in my head since the concert 31.january in CPH

Always loved the CROWS, but after show last nite my love to this song is getting even bigger!

When Crows Descend

Ok, after having the album for awhile now and listening to it constantly.  I can now say without a doubt that "serial killer" is my favorite.  :D

  I saw a live video of you guys doing Die Alone, and it was instant addiction. I love everything you guys do, but I think Die Alone will always be my favorite. As Black As My Heart runs a DAMN close second,though.


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